Tournament/special event creatures

I started playing JWTG a few months back and have reached level 46 in that time. but I’ve noticed there are certain creatures that I just can’t seem to unlock. for example, toujiangosaurus and labyrinthodontia are very low level Dinos, but I must unlock them through a “special event”. I’ve gotten a few of those special event creatures through card packs but I can’t buy them using DNA after I unlock them in a pack, and i never have enough duplicates to max them to level 40. many of these creatures are needed to create hybrids. what event are they referring to and how/when can I complete it so I can buy these creatures with DNA?

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Currently you can not unlock certain creatures, like the ones you mention. Getting a creature in a pack does not mean that you have unlocked it. Only if the event or pack has an open lock on the pack will it unlock a creature :unlock:. Most of the permanently locked creatures can be purchased with Amber now in the Amber market, otherwise it is about collecting the creatures from random packs.


I used to have an very old account back when there were Cenozoic rares and had 6 accounts sencies then, it used to be you could unlock everything by doing the campaign, but Ludia decided to change it, after I lost my sixth account I have diced to stop playing.

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You could originally get all the creatures in the battle stage. But then Ludia changed it. We now need to unlock a lot creatures in the events to create certain hybirds.


Labyrinthodontia, as opposed to Tuojiangosaurus, does have unlock events every now and then, but they’re only available for low levels, so you’ll have to wait for a common unlock week, which allows players level 35+