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Tournament Strategy - Ferocity Based

This thread is intended to be utilized for discussing and hopefully putting to rest the thought that “The game is treating me different” when comparing my battles to everyone else. Only posts that are based in data should be discussed here, put your feelings and frustration aside when discussing this topic.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s dive in… While in Dominator the rank does not matter to much as I do not believe there is a cutoff unless it is right around the bottom of the league where it seems sometimes the toughest battles happen. As such I am not going to list the rank for these battles, if you are posting information from another league then the rank is important.

My Team AFS: 2,262
Opponents: 5,113
Increase of 126% over mine

My Team AFS: 2,262
Opponents: 4,675
Increase of 107% over mine

My Team AFS: 2,262
Opponents: 7,636
Increase of 238% over mine
Lost (had I had at least one Class Advantage in this fight I believe I would have won)

My Team AFS: 2,262
Opponents: 5,835
Increase of 158% over mine

My Team AFS: 2,262
Opponents: 5,517
Increase of 144% over mine

My Team AFS: 2,262
Opponents: 4,067
Increase of 80% over mine

My Team AFS: 2,262
Opponents: 5,289
Increase of 134% over mine

So for these battles I had the identical ferocity every time and was faced with teams that were between 80 - 238% stronger than my team. I am forcing the algorithm into a semi easier matchup by artificially lowering my strength of my team by having the two throw away creatures in those battles, meaning I have a very strong creature and the algorithm typically likes to keep its creatures in a relatively close band (typically).

So these next battles I start playing with different lineups and ferocity levels, again all in Dominator.

My Team AFS: 2,593
Opponents: 4,538
Increase of 75% over mine

My Team AFS: 2,183
Opponents: 5,967
Increase of 173% over mine
Lost (but it was close)

My Team AFS: 2,054
Opponents: 5,698
Increase of 177% over mine

My Team AFS: 1,896
Opponents: 5,411
Increase of 185% over mine

So for Dominator level 10 VIPs can work, only got 39 trophies for it but it can work, if you get the right matchup like I did and only had a team that was 75% stronger than my team. Granted I was facing teams as high as 238% stronger than my team, if I had drawn a match like that it most likely would have been a lost.

Now the game is not punishing me for bringing those lower level teams by not giving me An easily winnable match. It is simply operating the way the coding instructs it to.

For those that are getting tough matchups please post screenshots (if you can) of your matchup and state what league and rank you are fighting at.

But remember the average range of a matchup can be an extremely large range from 50% underpowered to your team all the way up to 200%+ overpowered to your team and everything in between So everything that falls within this range might be considered okay and winnable if the right class matchup and order exists.


It’s great you’ve taken the time to do this sionsith, I would love to have shared data also on what I come across but unfortunately taking screenshots of any PvP match on my phone will crash the game.

Maybe this can shed some light for the newer players that seem quite frustrated at not being able to beat matches that are way above their current level (ie the last 3 examples that you have done)

I can clarify with the years that I have invested in this game from this year and before that no one is being targeted by ludia or getting harder matches than anyone else it’s just a matter of where they are on the league table and what dinos they are bringing, ludia doesnt care whether you win or lose it’s all just programming that’s preset into the tournament and PvP battles.

Edit: also a quick question, how many trophies is the game giving you for the battles where you were using the 2 fodders and the level 30 diplo?


40 trophies for those matches

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I know what I’m changing my battle strategy to next tournament then, I think I net maybe 32 trophies using my top end creatures so this strategy might be good to implement

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I just tried a few matches with this tactic. Mind Blown! Of course using this strategy means I could play countless games which is an issue as I currently do tournament battles until all my dino are on cool down to grab all the DNA in the prize wheel


Yes it certainly would add more opportunities to gain dna this way, I think I sort of stop using the fodder method when I reach dominator, need to gain the balls to do it within dominator I think :joy:

Level 30 VIP and 2 throw away creatures also gets you 40 trophies as well. I use the Diplosuchus because I have 9 of them and with a 13 hour cooldown they can go twice a day and I do not have to worry about any other creatures to use.


i just did it in dominator…works a treat :slight_smile:

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yeah that’s what i did it with.

This is good to know, currently have a tany at 21 and soon pteradactylus at 21 so may try this method, havent got anything to lose as already I have secured a dom finish :facepunch:

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My normal strategy:
Reserve: 1
Reserve: 1 block: 1
Reserve: 1 block: 2
Reserve: 1 block: 3
Block: 5
Attack: 4
I change of course strategy when enemy does

If your first creature can only take 1 hit it is not always recommended to go for a reserve first round, ideally you need your first creature to build up as much reserve as possible before being taken out

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My dinos can take more than one hit. I am building up when i see for example that my first dino is green color and i am fighting 3 red color dinos. Near to dominator :wink:

Great info, thanks for taking the time to put this together.


Just did this method but with a level 20 diplosuchus instead, level 30 mastodonosaur, level 34 baryonyx and level 32 lythronax I came up against, just about scraped the win and netted 40 trophies.

The previous battle not so hard, used level 20 indominus and was put against level 35 ankylodocus, level 25 stygmoloch and level 39 eryops.

Its quite fun playing this way :slight_smile:

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League: Dominator
My Team AFS: 3069.3((2593.6+3360.6+3253.8)/3)
Opponents: 4733.47 ((4928+3654.8+5617.6)/3)
Increase of 54% over mine
Won 37 trophies


Only 54 % over you, need to back off the first 100% since that is just even with you.

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League: Dominator
My Team AFS: 3682.13 ((3889.6+3839.8+3317)/3)
Opponents: 6906.87 ((5696.4+5952+9072.2)/3)
Increase of 88% over mine
Won 35 trophies

Got it, thought I was just posting % of mine, but noticed now that it says OVER mine.

I don’t have a screenshot, but today in Predator 90 or 99 or somewhere around there, I ran into a team of Acrocanthosaurus 29, Priotrodon 27, and Proceratosaurus 26. I didn’t get exact statistics, but that team would’ve been well over 7300 AFS, probably more. My team was 1824 AFS, so well over a 300% AFS increase. Is there an explanation for that monstrosity of a match? I never once got another matchup that was even remotely close to that AFS again, not even during the wall I hit yesterday.