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Tournament Strategy - Ferocity Based

tbh when i get a team like that, i just give up after seeing first glance of their stats lmao.

but if not mistaken, what i do is that if i have my top 3 lineup available, ive noticed that if i include all them in a single match, the AI bots become approx 1.5x the ferocity or even double of mine. so what ive been doing is mix the ferocities a bit eg.: my rank 2, a rank 5 and 6. dont know if i fluked it but my so far, it matches my line up more evenly. btw by top 3 are about 1200ish ferocity.

This is the best I have, I didn’t really hope to get into dominator, but I would be satisfied with predator so I decided to participate anyway.
My game really dislikes me taking screenshots, so I can’t post details, but I’ve been using the 2x lvl 1 common strategy and it seems to work fine.
I climbed to predator 54 at this moment, most enemies I encounter have around 1000-1500HP and ~500 DMG.

Alright I managed to take a screenshot
This is predator 56
Unfortunate type advantage tho

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You missed 1 hitko for tropeo by 1 point…

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Double the bad luck

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Match My Ferocity Opponent Ferocity % Increase Trophies
1 3814 5314 39.34% 35
2 3814 5307 39.15% 35
3 3871 4444 14.81% 35
4 3874 4593 18.55% 35
5 3874 5355 38.23% 35
6 3876 7641 97.15% Loss
7 4010 5566 38.82% 34
8 4010 5058 26.14% 34
9 4010 5112 27.50% Loss
10 4065 5518 35.75% 34
11 4065 4944 21.63% 34
12 4081 6777 66.07% 34
13 3992 5573 39.62% 35
14 4132 4377 5.91% 34

Some data. I have captured exact team make-up for each battle (I site this as the reason for my 2nd loss…busy typing data as screen shots will kill my pvp experience)

My highest ferocity opponents in those 14 matches are below

Name Lvl Health Attack Ferocity
Metroposaurus 39 3998 1691 9409
Priotrodon 26 4143 1582 9205
Ostaposaurus 29 3562 1360 7914


The amphibian :lizard:

@Cagkan_Coskun in another thread was asking about what sandbagging is when it comes to tournaments.

Sandbagging is when you bring a team who’s AFS is below a certain threshold based on the rank and league you are fighting at. When you are sandbagging you can expect to face teams that are 100-300% stronger than your team. So if you bring a team with say 1,000 AFS when the game is expecting a minimum of say 1,200 you can expect to face a team with 2,000-4,000 AFS. Now if you bring a team with say 1,300 to that same battle you might still get a team in the 2,000 range but the gap between your original team and the 1,300 team will be much more reasonable, and you could potentially get a matchup against a team with only say 1,600.

This setup does cause folks to think they are being overly punished and then they can’t understand why their next match is so easy. For instance using the numbers above and the 1,200 cutoff. I bring a team with 1,000 AFS and get an opponent with 2,500 AFS which is 150% stronger than my team and I get stomped on. I have no Dino’s left so I wait a bit for cool downs and while waiting my rank drops and now when I bring that same team of 1,000 but the cutoff based on the rank and league I am fighting out now is 900, I bring my 1,000 AFS team and get an opponent with 1,300 and win it easily which moves me up in the league and back over the 1,200 threshold and my next battle I get smoked again with a match up of 3,000 AFS. This time I have another team that I bring which is 1,250 AFS and I get an opponent with 1,700 AFS a tough but easily doable matchup.

I am not aware of anyone that has specific information on the cutoffs that exist for the various leagues or ranks within them, however if you are getting extremely difficult matches over and over at a certain league and rank combination the game thinks you are “sandbagging” so it is trying to tell you that you need to bring a stronger team.

If you do not have stronger creatures the least frustrating thing to do is wait a while until you drop some ranks and then give it another try.