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Tournament success


Not a bad little haul today :smiling_imp:

Also got all DNA in the pack

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not bad at all!
Managed to place 60th in the predator league with 790 cups considering im lvl 45 with limited dinos i think is pretty decent going


True, I found this tournament wayyyy harder then previous ones but makes sense because it’s a new creature. I also spent around 1000 bucks regenerating Dino’s and another 1000 speeding up incubators. So definitely wasn’t cheap either

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Would you say the threshold for dominator league is usually lower when its an old tournament creature??


@Baryonyx106: I am level 75 and finished about 30th place in Predator League. My highest dinos are around 2000 health and 700 attack (level 20 VIP dinos). I had about 1100 trophy points (about 35 victories for the entire tourney). Something for you to look forward to in 30 levels: gaining 30 more points!

It seems the threshold for Dominator/Predator is usually around 1200-1600 trophy points, if I recall correctly.

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I would agree, I havent been consistently getting to dominater league for very long but the past two seem much easier but then again they were less desirable creatures in comparison to the snake


I’m not 100% sure I’ve only gotten in dominater the last 3 tournaments and didn’t look at exact cups but in comparison with a weaker team I had with the last two was much easier then this one.


I had 1600 trophies and was #75 in the level 50-75 Dominator bracket, and the top 10 spots went well into the 2000s.

Maybe this tourney was more competitive.


A couple of the top ten spots in Predator League were bots (JW4927834 kind of names), so Ludia probably populates the tourney to be sure leagues end at certain thresholds.

It might be worth keeping track of these next few tourneys to see where thresholds tend to end. Then we could estimate how many matches/how much cooldown time we’ll need to plan on to make it (for those of you who try to end in Dominator).


The breakover seemed to be about 1400 from predator to dominator for this one. I finished around 95-100 in dominator around 1430 points. Keep in mind that this is like 45-55 wins to get there over the 72ish hours of the tournament.


I Agree, I’m going to screen shot my next tournament cup score. This one for me was 1489 and I finished 98-100 can’t remember which.

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I was at 1500ish can’t remember exactly but was at 86 I think in dominator. The JW15372548 are guest accounts, I used to have that until I linked to FB and got a picture and my name. So I don’t think they are bots, or at least I hope they don’t.


When I rank I always rank against JW then a bunch of numbers. Not quite sure why.


Do you play on a guest account? When I was on a guest account all I saw in the tournaments were JW126492637 type opponents but when I linked my account up to FB all of a sudden almost every opponent had a name and a picture.


I don’t have my FB linked, and I’m put down as JW-123456etc, so they aren’t bots. For me, everyone is a JW- name, so it must only grant pics and account names from those linked to FB.


I’m pretty sure I do, thought I linked it but I mean I guess not


I am linked to FB and still see JW984853 bots/accounts. You may well be right that they are guest accounts. Wow, but it would be crazy to me to have a guest account and work hard enough to get to Dominator. One crashed device and all that work is gone! Make a fake FB account and link that doggone park!


The only reason I linked it to FB was because I changed devices and wanted to not lose all of my progress. I did make sure I had my support key written down while I was on a guest account so if I ever did have problems I would at least have that to go off of. The extra piece of mind is nice though with the link to FB.

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I use a guest account, and it’s fine. I’ve looked at the loading screen enough to memorize my support key.

One time I did crash and it deleted my stuff, however the stuff is stored at Ludia on servers and I was able to get my account back by sending Ludia my support key.

With that said, I’m at max level and I won the snake the last tournament.