Tournament sucks

This tournament is so slow and boring, we just had lvl 26 common last week now this week open common hopefully next week is better my opinion I know will say no it’s me that’s fine


Common tournaments even suffer with little variety as well. It just isn’t fun knowing every battle would have deinocheirus, tany, raptor, glypto, sloth, dilo, irritator, stygi, draco, or coel


So you prefer tournaments with unique boosted lvl 30? Common tournaments are the most interesting and where the RNG plays the least


unless your cashed up with lvl 30 commons :stuck_out_tongue: then its a nigtmare with same old dinos over and over not a fan of common tournies but hey ist what we got so do your best and let the cards fall where they may.
but yeha no variety at all in these


it’s like that in ALL tournaments

The first tourney was amazing! It was actually fair, and i played it for long because it was so fun playing with little rng and not complicated battles. However this one is absolutely terrible, i face people who level commons to lvl 25 just for the tournament, and i cant fo absolutely anything with my lvl 15 commons because i simply dont have the coins to level them up. Its the same issue with all advantage tournaments, but here its the most visible because skill doesnt really matter with 2 abilities and almost equal stats. Skill tournaments ftw.



:skull: just click fast smh /j

They should randomize which creatures we can use each tournament. Like out if all the epic, rare, and common only the randomly chosen ones are allowed.

No. Please no.

I love common tournaments. I’ve had so much fun with this one. :green_heart::green_heart:

Speed ties are overrated.
Sure they are annoying but at least with the variety of usable creatures in common tournaments you don’t see them as often as legendary tournaments or unique tournaments.

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What sucks next week lvl 26 again so in my opinion us getting Dino’s boosted is a waste

I agree with RNG playing the least, but there is still a LOT of RNG. Just shows how RNG dependent the game is