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Tournament Suggestion - Avoiding next weekend's problem

If there is a tournament again this weekend (or next) , for the forum announcement leave the details blank.

This way the forum mods don’t have to apologize for the next mistake in tournament details, and people who upgrade their team before the tournament starts don’t get angry at the wrong announcement…again.



I don’t even bother with them anymore. The aggravation is not worth it.

Yes, I have the feeling that their silence means they don’t care at all…about both the inaccurate posts, or the harm it is causing the player base. Hoping I am wrong.

The bare minimum of a courteous response would be to at least acknowledge it is a problem. Haven’t seen that either.

Still waiting for any type of acknowledgment from any of the mods… Not even a “I hear you…”?


The mods can only post what they are told. This is probably a poor communication issue within the company. Mods are told one thing, but it changes out of nowhere and they aren’t updated on that. I wouldn’t blame the mods for false info. It could’ve been correct when they were informed about it.

Shared with our team, thanks FishNPocket! :slight_smile:

Thank you. That was all I was asking for.

I disagree. This has happened three times now. I get that changes happen, but they have the option of not posting details, especially when the details are consistently wrong.

There is nothing wrong with saying a tournament is coming, details are unknown, or even “subject to change”. That way people know they are upgrading things at their own risk, instead of finding out afterwards, and having Customer Support refuse to roll it back (and yes, they do refuse to roll it back)

For all we know, they could loose their jobs for not posting what they are told to post. I’m not well versed in the labor laws of Canada, but there are places that are at will employment. You can be let go for almost anything. I’m not saying that this is the case, but it’s something to consider before blaming someone.

And for all we know they could also just be sloppy. This has happened multiple times, and nothing is being done to fix it. At a certain point, you can’t just shrug your shoulders and say “don’t blame the messenger”. The messenger in this case willingly is choosing to pass on information they know may not be true.

It is not hard to put in a disclaimer, or omit details. At the very least, pass on feedback to the person/people feeding the wrong information that they would like to not keep making this same mistake.

As with most forums, the mods are probably volunteers. This is not their job that they rely on to pay bills. They don’t have any part in developing the game. The screw ups come from above them and they only relay info to us as it gets told to them.


Regardless of if they volunteer for it or are paid for it, their actions have resulted and continue to result in real consequences for innocent players.

This would not be an issue if any one of the following occurs:

  1. Correct information is posted
  2. Customer Support does the right thing and rolls back losses based on the wrong information
  3. The problem is corrected going forward

As of now, none of these have happened. Are the mods completely to blame for this? Absolutely not. Are they partially responsible? Yes.

All I wanted to accomplish with this suggestion was to push #3 above, since it is apparent that both #1 and #2 will not happen. This is the only part the mods do have control over - getting word back to those who have the power to keep this from happening, and keep more people from losing their cash/coins/boosts.

Thanks a lot @Ned. I see how much you guys really care about the fan base…

I don’t think you get what I’m saying. Anything they post has probably been handed down to them and they just simply copy and paste. If the tournament rolls out with different settings than what was posted, that’s because someone above them has screwed up. The mods don’t control anything with the game. They just copy & paste and try to keep us in line. As well as relaying info from here to the devs, or whoever they report to. You can’t blame the mods for in-game screw ups. That’s like shooting the messenger.


I do get what you are saying. I don’t think you get what I am saying.

How hard is it to write the disclaimer “details subject to change”?

The mods do have control over that. They are choosing not to write that. As a result the people who plan for it are the ones who are getting shafted. It is not fair to the player base.

To say they are just simply muppets who copy and paste is not true.

@TheMaxx, if you want to believe they are completely innocent in all of that, great, good for you. As for me, I just want to get the info out to as many people as possible so they don’t get screwed out of coins like I did.

I’ve seen lots of controversy and disappointed players when details get changed after people have leveled dinos, applied a boost here and there or took the time out to figure out the best 8 to use. The right thing would be to wait to make any announcements until the details are 100% accurate or add something stating they may not be.

Everyone knows by now that the rules stated in the announcement are what we should have. If the tournament starts with different rules and people jump the gun and start leveling/boosting dinos immediately without waiting for a fix, that’s on them. I feel bad for the people who were victims of it the 1st or 2nd time it happened, but after that we all should know better. I understand the frustration, but we all know the deal by now. You wait. Jumping into 1st place in the first 30min of a tourney means nothing so i don’t know why people just blindly level and boost dinos when something isn’t right.

Because that is not what happened to me. The one I got screwed over in was the epic only one where they announced prizes to the top 20,000, then changed it to the top 500 after the start.

The post was changed after the start of the tournament, after some people upgraded. And on top of it, Support then writes a condescending email as if it is the players fault for following the wrong information. I won’t post the exact email, but it implies that somehow it is the player’s fault for listening to this post by the mods.

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Might as well wait for the tournaments to actually start and see exactly what it is before doing any leveling or boosting which doesn’t take that long (as though your missing out on something not starting immediately).

Just a game. I deal with GIANT problems at work most every day. This one shut down a Ford vehicle assembly line. The whole last month has been horribly stressful. I’m so busy, I can’t even stop and dart dino’s between items. I even missed lunch today stuck in meetings working on these god awful problems. This is my getaway from reality.

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Hindsight is 20/20, or rather… it is very easy to armchair quarterback.

You really think the mods did it on purpose?

I think they trusted the information given them, despite the previous screw ups.

No one would believe you’re going to get erroneous info that many times in a row, from the parent company. I have little doubt the mods are just as upset, possibly more so.