Tournament suggestion - keep high score

It would be nice if the tournament was able to store our highest score. The way it is now I play in fear and stress of dropping and don’t play as much as I would if it would keep my score. I would enjoy it a lot more if I didn’t need to worry about losing my place

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How is placement scored?

You have 3500 trophies, I have 3500 trophies at the end of tournament. More than anyone else.

The person who got there first?
The person with fewer battles? (fewer losses)
The person with more takedowns?

Who’s in first?

In the event of a tie the one who hit the score first gets the highest place

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Is there a reason we can’t have our high score scored in the tournaments? As it is now I play in fear of dropping. I would play much more and enjoy it so much more if it stored my high score so I could be sure of my progress verses being stressed out over dropping.


It’s worth the try. It would certainly be less infuriating regarding losing streaks


I would certainly battle more.


I’ve suggested this awhile ago. I was at 50k coins, then lost a handful in a row with about 20 mins in the tourny. Ended up with 5k coins. In my opinion, after playing about 70

  • battles in this tourny, I should have been rewarded more.
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