Tournament Suggestion


In order to have more winners in a tournament, It should be anyone who can win 6 games in a row gets the grand prize and prizes to be awarded upon winning. If you win your 4th, 5th and 6th in a row, you receive the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place prizes upon those wins.

People should be able to pick their team dinosaurs.

Rather than pitting people against trophy levels, pit people agains the highest team dino level. That will prevent cheating.

When you enter the tournament, you enter at rank 1. The game finds another rank 1 player whose highest dinosaur is the same level as your highest dinosaur. You fight them and if you win, you get a rank 1 prize and move to rank 2. The rank 1 looser gets a participation prize for trying. The loosers are now locked out of the tournament.

From this point your pited against another player of the same rank and highest team dinosaur level. If you win, you move up to rank 3 to be pitted agains another rank 3 person. You keep playing, trying for rank 6.

6 ranks allows 1 in 64 people to get the top prize, 1 in 32 people to get 2nd place, 1 in 16 people to make it to 3rd place.

This will make tournament matches go quick and you could have weekly tournaments to play in if you choose.

If you start a tournament and can’t finish. You just get what you have at the end.

This way you have more winners of all level players and not just the most active or players who put tons of money in the game winning.