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Tournament suggestions

I have two suggestions for the future tournaments. Let me know what you guys think.

  1. Duration

I think 3 days are still a bit long. I battled the last tournament for 8 hrs on Friday night and it was very exhausting. I can’t imagine battling for three days and that’s A LOT OF commitments. Why not 2 or even 1 day? The tournament can be more frequent to compensate the reduction of the time.

  1. Rewards

I feel the lower rewards are too low. You battle for 3 days and get into top 500 in the world but only get 500 HC which is about 5 USD? Does it really worth it? Even the rewards of top 100 and 50 aren’t that great. The first several tournaments probably can still attract players but I’m afraid in the long run, the rewards won’t be that attractive anymore.

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It’s even worse when you take into account the fact the top prizes are unwinnavls thanks to the condoned cheating!

IMO they should be longer so that you don’t have to battle the whole duration of the tournament.

Actually three days is just right. While you were lucky to battle for 8 hours, not everyone has that option. Some will only get that over the whole weekend due to work and/or family commitments. Three days gives everyone a chance.

The rewards are free as well. You’ll get your 100 bucks back plus extra. Can’t really complain by that. Want better rewards play more and try harder. That is how a tournament works.

Why not have like 3/6 or even 12 HOUR tournaments?
Have them run every day or even just weekends (with lesser prizes of course due to thefact they would be running so often), that way if some cheating happens or you don’t win, you won’t have wasted huge amounts of time!

Or have Elimination tournaments!
Basically you sign up and when the tournament starts you battle. If you lose you are out, if you win you proceed on to the next round!

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What do you mean you will get 100 bucks back? That was because the complaints from the first tournament

Yea I would suggest different days different durations different types to suit different needs.

Because not everyone around the world will be able to play them. Work and real life get in the way. Having them run over Friday to Sunday (the weekend you mention in your post) is the best way to do it as it allows everyone to participate at some point during the duration.

If they did this they would need to eliminate the entry fee. I certainly wouldn’t pay to get booted out after the first few games, or even first!

Nah, it would be like seasons.

I WANT them to be more like seasons in the sense that you don’t have to devote your whole weekend for a chance to compete.

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It wouldn’t matter if you missed a tournament that ran for a few hours because there would always be a new one starting a few hours later.

They would run every few hours, like so many each and every day.

Miss a few due to being in bed? No worries, enter the next one when you wake up

So why not different days different durations different types?

If there’s a tournament every hour, there isn’t much prestige in winning it.

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Don’t go extreme. Not every hour. Some can be 1 day some can be 2 days. Some can be 3-5 days.

You could have main, longer duration ones that offer better prizes and prestige for winning it.

The ones run every few hours would be supplementary to the main one!

Yeah but these are an alternative to seasons not a replacement for them… seasons will be back in the future… my guess is 1.8 while they work on Highest trophy count.

If their similar to seasons thats not much on an alternative.

At some point either were having tournaments on weekends during seasons and then they will give a break from the seasons grind for a few days without you having to pick from the two.

The main difference from seasons isn’t the length of the tournament or the manner of trophy resets (start from 0 or depending on your old score), it’s equal levels and boosts.

Anyways, I just want a tournament that reflects skill, not how many hours you’re ready to waste on a weekend.

Not every tournament is gonna be equal levels and no boosts… the original tournament scheduled for this weekend was any level and boosts allowed. That was until they decided to rerun last weekends.

I know.

I’ll correct myself: I want at least SOME of them to reflect skill :sweat_smile: