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Tournament & The look into balancing

Ludia, and players alike. When we sit in a tournament like the one we have now, when all creatures are set to 26 without boost, we can look at what balancing is needed and where. Take a look at the top 3 dominating forces that don’t need any boosts to devour your team.

  1. IndoG2
  2. Maxima
  3. Gemini

If you don’t draw any of them, and your opponent draws one (or all) there is little to no reason to even play because you are about to get destroyed.

This is where Ludia has a chance to look at the pure raw numbers these three can generate in comparison to other uniques/legendary, and see that they are way above everything else.

So @ned @Ludia_Developers why don’t you take a look at this tournament for some balance changes that are so desired and needed for future updates?


I did nothing but cautious strike and I won just went afk wow it’s so easy I wonder why


Oh wait spike too soon

You have indoraptor gen 2?

Ya wasn’t that hard to make although I accidentally level echo to 13 but it didn’t matter cause if all the indom gen 2 events

Indoraptor gen 2?

Well ya cause I had a lot of blue just need indom dna but it’s epic so it doesn’t cost that much

Why hadnt it counted?

Um what? Can you explain pls

Why it hadn’t counted?

Ya sport still a bit confused

Oh you’re unsure?