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Tournament totally bugged

The speed is bugged in many fights, I was indo gen 2 lvl 29 no boost vs thylaco lvl 28 141 speed, i used mutual fury after his first hit cause he was faster all right, it brings me 141 speed so the same as thylaco, but he keeps the priority speed ? Didn’t had time to screen it … it’s not the only example it happens all the time, tournaments are already boring why we still need these bugs and still the same OP creatures sarcorixis etc

If indo gen 2 had no boosts, and Thyla had 141 speed, the Indo’s speed should be 119 after Mutual Fury.

128 + 10% speed + cleanse. : 141. We were are the same speed but I hadn’t the priority (but I was legendary lvl sup vs epic)

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Oh. I was thinking Indominus Rex. Wrong one.

Its because of rounding. Your Indo actually had 140.8 speed, but it shows 141 as it rounds the visual number up, but not the actual number.


Cheese is that you?

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Yes. That is me

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