Tournament trophy count

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Bug Description: trophy payout is wrong and messed up

Area is was found in: tournaments

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- play someone with more trophies than you
Step 2 - lose
Step 3 - -40 or +20 if you win

How often does it happen: always. And it’s been a while. Support says it’s working as intended. So unless they’re intending it to be wrong and random. They are wrong. Fix this.


Yup. Lost to the 4th ranked player lost 40 trophies. Beat 10th ranked player gain 40. Lose to same player -36 trophies.

Why u guys still thinking all these fusing, trophy points are so called RNG?
No, they are not, they are controlled by Ludia, is “calculated” to make sure u are force to get frustration out from your play.
Objective? Of course trying to tempt u into buying…

Who has ever hear a detailed explanation of how all these numbers are formulated?

Why do u need to win and lose with different points and u don’t even know how many u will win or lose?

Any tournament in this world has such ruling that u entered without knowing what the format will be?

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Medals or trophies gained or lost has never been RNG. It’s supposed to be based on current trophy or medal count. But the tournament isn’t working like that. I played DadJokes last night and took 40 off of him when he was 200 medals below me. That’s not fair at all. I then proceeded to get 0-3 by someone in the top 20 and lost 40 to them. It’s broken. There is no way it’s working as intended.

Now it you think fusing is rigged…I have an article for you :rofl:


As said, there is no tournament in the world that has such a ruling and worst of all, a ruling of point system that NOBODY knows…WHY?
Why Ludia CANNOT explain? Is very simple, the are MANIPULATING the numbers.
Does Watford soccer club take a higher points when they beat Liverpool?
Or they lose lesser to Liverpool?
Of course NOT, Matches are arranged by Ludia by THEIR SYSTEM…they are supposed to MATCH us in our own grouping, that would means all matches should be FAIR, and should have same winning or losing points.
Is that simple…conclusion… we are being manipulated, nothing else.

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They also said in the new update they would be doing rankings based on high scores. I was once in the top 500 then I dropped to top 5000 without having my rank stay the same.

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It’s because people passed you. Your high score is still what counts on the Leaderboard, but people gained more medals and passed you so your rank went down. Same as the arena.

If only someone did a topic about this every single tournament to remind them to fix it :thinking:

Oh, wait a minute!

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Amen, to those that continue to “invest” in this game, a joy of happiness within hours and u get the frustration back… :joy:

This trophy distribution cost me 1500 Rhino dna. As I finished just let outside of top 100. I’ll take it in my inbox please. Thanks.

Hey everyone, our team would like to take a closer look at this. Could I ask you to please contact our support team here at with your support key so they can investigate?


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Same for me and this ain’t sour grapes.

I am getting demolished by teams with higher level dinos like commons and also boosted ones and they are definitely above it in ranking. Every loss is -30 or -40 and when I make it count and win against a stronger team. I get 20 for my efforts.

One observation is that the system likes to pair my team of avg lvl 26 with lvl 30 commons (some are even boosted). And it’s usually these teams that take 40 from me.

Many other players are also experiencing this as well. If this system is broken for the past few tourneys, I don’t think you should carry on with them.

It ranked me with the other people with my current trophies, not my high score trophies. When my high score was ~250 and I dropped down to ~190, it put me with others that had ~190, not ~250.

Just to emphasize more on the issue I will give example where I won +40 while the people was ranked under me. Obviously I had it happen the other way around also but this way, we are sure it’s messed up because there current trophies count doesn’t matter. You can base yourself on the highest one.
In addition, I have been matched on Saturday evening (already one day deep into tournament) against someone that had components which were not even at the hybrids required level (turtle at lvl18 is the one that shocked the most) no boosts on them. How could have been paired against someone running a team like this while being in top50 at that time ?

This happened to me today. It’s really not fair getting only 20 medals for a win.

Emailed them. Hope they actually take it serious. Thank you