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Tournament Trophy Decay


Trophy decay must be implemented to prevent players camping at current position. People become complacent with their current position and stopped battling. Like @Marktheshark said, “Vying for a top rank position should be a constant battle “ till the last minute. My suggestion is if a player is unable to battle for minimum of 10x daily ( friendly battle excluded), there should be a decay of at least 100 points.


I agree with this. What is a tournament without battling? Its not fair to the players that actually participate and like to battle. I understand that alot of ppl just battle for incubators. But they are not the ones that concern me. I mean alot of players want to climb ranks and break into the LB. But are held back because of the campers. It’s something that needs to be addressed before players become less active in these tournaments


I’m confused. I see this come up now and again but I fail to see how it makes any difference. How is there a bottleneck when in theory everyone could be on the same trophy count and it makes no difference?


and what is battling within the tournament?

a nightmare for casual players who are just joining the game.


For 1 I think 10x daily is extreme, some people have other activities that take their time. I also feel that players should be given the option to battle players in the tournament and battle AI for incubators that either don’t mess with their trophies or award and take away maybe 1 trophy. I do agree people battle up high and sit there making it harder to find opponents for some, and giving them the ability to read the tournament rewards with little effort.


But battling is still taking place if there was a tournament or not. And what I’m stating has nothing to do with ppl just starting out. This system should only pertain to the awarded spots/rank for each tournament. How is it fair for someone that is starting to climb and being held back by someone that is just resting for reward?


I think decay should only be implemented when tournaments become optional. That way if people want to enter and participate, they have to battle. Otherwise, they don’t have to enter, they’re free to battle as they please and have no effect on tournament leaderboards. The question now is…will tournaments ever become entirely optional?


I like this idea as well. And I think it would solve the major conflict between those that battle for incubators and those that battle for rank. The biggest problem I am having is trying to climb. One lose can knock me down 20 spots. While others that don’t battle are currently sitting at 3rd and 5th place with no way I can pass them


Adding my support for trophy decay. Tbh my current plan is to hit rank 130 or so sat night and wake up monday morning to collect my top 250 rewards.

Thats stupid.

That said, the current amount of trophies gained/lost needs adjusted too. Im not saying rank 150 folks shouldn’t ever face rank 10 folks, I AM saying that they shouldn’t lose 50ish trophies in a loss and gain 1 on a win. It needs to be tightened a bit. Castle crush made a huge adjustment to their system due to the same problem - lowest trophies you could gain/lose was doubled to like 4, and max was cut way back - something like 35 or 40.

Whatever the range should be, its not what it is right now.


it isnt fair, i agree - i simply wish the tournament was opt-in.

i support decay.

hell, i’m a fine example of it.

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There’s kind of decaying, not in trophies, but in the rank. Not at your positions, but for the rest of top-500. If someone stops battling today at 190 position, they will end this tournament at about 300 I guess.
If they get also decay in trophies, they will be dropped off top-500 at all.

May be at top-10 it’s different, but down here we’ve got already natural position decay and for me that’s enough


I fail to see how players camping at a certain level has any bearing on other players. If a thousand people camp at 4,500 - 4,530 it doesn’t prevent others in that range from continuing to battle. It’s like the campers are not there and since they don’t battle they have no affect.


I like this idea, but there’s another problem though.

The tournament takes 20 days. If this decay is implemented, players can just choose not to battle or not actively participate in the first 18 days and make a rush in the last 2 days since if they fail to complete on any of the 18 days their trophies will be offset. If this happens, it may not be able to solve the matchmaking issue but at the end of the 18th day, the players will be starting low and kill the players in lower arenas for sports just like what Indominus Rex did to apatosaurus in the film.

If it is implemented, these issues have to be solved as well.

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I prefer much shorter seasons (10 days was nice). I agree, thats an issue, but we cant solve for everything. We have to decide what we can live with.

Still, in my experience if youre top 500 youre already battling a ton. I dont think most top 500 folks will take time off battling just to wait till the end.

In other words i disagree - we don’t have to solve for it. It should be a miminal problem, and even then not one we even can solve for.


Should only affect top 500 aka limited spots. It currently encourages ending on a lucky streak and camping to ensure your spot. It also actively discourages battling after a certain point so your spot isnt lost to bad rng etc.

And I hate that. I WANT to battle.

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I would love the tournament to be optional. It is very frustrating fight for incubators or for fun, specially on the last 3/4 days. My idea would be a “different” battle system, with incubators as reward obviously, in which you can choose in which arena to battle in, and with level caps for each arena. This would allow players to enjoy the game in a greater way and use also the lower level dinos.
All of this ASIDE from tournament and normal leaderborard. If you want to battle for ranking you have to take part. What do you think?


They do this with decay or without.

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You think it’s frustrating, just imagine how bad it will be to find apponents when 1/2 aren’t available.

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Yeah i didn’t think at drawbacks🤣…maybe with an appropriate system of trophy decay and more endearing rewards (not a rare incubator for the biggest part of the playerbase😅) players would be more inclined to participate…
Mine was an idea to enjoy the game more and play with the other 122 dinos of my collection that i don’t use😅
I mean, i like playing competitively but i would like to have the opportunity to choose if do it or not.


I refuse to camp just yet keep it going… But that means I swing from top 150 to low 400s… one single battle can make 100 trophies difference. When it comes to the last 24 hours… If we get a big win we’ll be camping out and taking our chances just the same. If more people were playing so the swing wasn’t so severe it would be different.