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Tournament Types

Can anyone list all of the different tournaments?

I know there is Advantage and Skill. That’s not what I’m asking though. I’m wondering the different types within those 2 categories.

Here’s my list I’ve thought of off the top of my head. Some could be wrong.

Any help is appreciated.


Common and Rare (All)
Common and Rare (No Hybrids)
Common, Rare, and Epic (All)
Common, Rare, and Epic (No Hybrids)
Common, Rare, and Legendary (All)

Rare (no hybrids)
Rare hybrids
Rare and epic (no hybrids)
Rare and epic (w/ hybrids)
Rare and epic hybrids
Rare, epic, & legendary hybrids
Rare, epic, legendary, & unique hybrids

Epic (no hybrids)
Epic hybrids
Epic and legendary hybrids
Epic, legendary, and unique

Legendary and unique


Legendary, epic, rare hybrids.

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