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Tournament unfair

You know its not fair to have you play your own lvl especially when you are allowing legendary and uniques compete…IT IS NOT FUN AT ALL!! When you put all the creatures at lvl 26 and mix up other rarities it is more fun and a lot more amusing. More players have creatures that they would love to try out in the tournament at lvl 26 instead . SO PLEASE PUT INTO CONSIDERATION OF ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WOULD LIKE TO HAVE FUN AND NOT FEEL LIKE THEY ARE BEING CHEATED.

When it comes to Advantage tourneys like this one, it’s best to put them off until Sunday or late Saturday if you aren’t an endgame-level player.


They do each type of tournament twice. One at equal levels and one at your own levels. Gives everyone a chance to play the torunament they want.


Happy Cake Day, Mate.

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surprisingly I only lost 3-2

There are people who hate tournaments whose levels are set to 26 without any boosts. Meaning people are forced down or up.

So grow up, the game is not going to change, just because you don’t like one aspect of it.


personally i dislike advantage as well. havent found the right time to start so its more enjoyable fo someone who doesnt boost or have lv 30s. but even skill tournaments get stale and less fun after a while.

Grow up? Someone is pissy…This game has helped me in ways you dont even know so i look forward to fridays tournaments than picking something else up. Anyway…Love all my jwa peeps out there!!!

Advantage I think works a lot better than skill in terms of overall balancing, since in skill it’s mostly RNG, while you can build stuff in advantage

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This is the team I put together for this tournament.


The first player I played had all level 30’s, boosted. Tryko, Ardentis, Phorusaura and Dodocevia. I took out the 30 Tryko and the 30 Dodocevia’s with my team.

The last 3 battles I played to get my 10 takedowns, I won 3-0. Made me feel like a image. Only one of my 4 opponents was my level. The second 2 were weaker with upper teen level critters.

Remember, we can’t control who we get pitted against.

Agreed, advantage can be annoying, more so early on. But at least you might see something different from the normal.

Skilled Tournaments, people are slowly figuring out what is the best for each rank. So it will become top levels but worse as time goes on.

Thank you for flagging that dude…Hey orion i like your set up!

I agree, feels a bit harsh when you’re using a max boosted lvl 30 Thor to smash lvl 16 dinos. But they can’t all be skills tournies.

It can be frustrating, but I think it’s fine. These advantage tourneys give some players a chance to use creatures they worked hard to level and boost. Besides, skill tourneys are still existant, and those can also be a tad frustrating thanks to all the extra rng with speedties and who has the faster internet and such

Normally, I’m all on board the “it’s an advantage tourney” train. But got to thinking: If Ludia can do bracketed tournaments for JW: The Game (top 100% of players, top 50%, etc.) then why not do it here? Wouldn’t that just incentivize a broader player base to play in these things? Especially the advantage tourneys where, for example, my wife’s account gets a beat down until late Sunday evening. What good does that do for 75%-90% of the player base when they have to go up against these monoliths? Give them another arena with (slightly) lesser prizes and let them go at it! Base it off your high trophy mark for PvP, of course.

Haha, agree. But it’s the tournament.

Players who have built a great team over the years should have the opportunity to use it in the tourney now and again.

This weekend was the best tourney for me by a mile as I got my ten takedowns in no time. Normally I am frustrated by rng and op rare, common or whatever category dinos have been chosen.

i don’t think that Advantage Tournaments are unfair. There are 2 Skill and 2 Advantage each Month with the oddball 5th Tournament being a Skill with Unique. I think that’s pretty fair.

The only thing that i think would be interesting would be to alternate when the x2 Tournament is each Month. Instead of it always being on the 4th Tournament Advantage.

I do not think that this Championship this Month was fun at all though. It is basically Arena minus Apex creatures. Everyone complains about Arena so Ludia makes The Championship like Arena. They should be different. It was not fun at all. Too many resistances and too many long battles. I’ve only played 5 battles this weekend and normally i play all weekend. Unique in the oddball 5th Tournament Months is enough and they are bad enough.

I mean its what you expect doing normal tournament when boost are allowed