Tournament unlock idea

First of all i must admit that i have no idea how game development works, so not sure how doable this is, but what i’d like to suggest, is that instead of having tournaments with a specific creature unlock, we get a chance to unlock a tournament creature of our choosing.
Say if i win a tournament in Dominator league, i’d get a chance to pick one of the tournament creatues to unlock. I could choose Troodon, Gorgosaurus, Erlikosaurus, Mammoth, my beloved Floofy Tyrannt Yutyrannus, etc. Just one creature of my own choosing per Dominator finish. I’d then get that creature’s pack, and it would be unlocked.


I think this is never going to happen. It is part of the game philosophy to flood you with some animals and keep others very rare, nearly impossible to get.


It would be really great if they could but as @Tommi says highly unlikely but there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

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Sadly, I have to agree with @Tommi and @Sionsith. Though fair props for the idea. Then again, we sort of have that with Clash of the Titan. Except you can only choose between three already set options.