Tournament vs PVP

Opinions welcome. Is it worth the coin to create high level common and/or rare to dominate a weekend tournament or higher level unique’s and Apex’s for your PVP team. Fought high 20 common dino’s with just basic commons at levels needed to create Epic or Legendary .

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It depends on if you want to make it all the way up to Nublar Shores with a meta-relevant team. If so, then it’s really not worth leveling any Legendary, Epic, Rare or Common past level 20, unless they’re needed for a fuseable Apex. Some Legendaries could be considered exceptions (like Tarbonagthus and Rexy), but given that it’s highly likely they’ll be nerfed to make way for whatever they’re hybrids are going to have (or just nerfed anyway), or unless you come across their DNA pretty often, it’s not really worth it imo.

But if you just want to have a team you can have fun with, in both PvP and the tournaments that allow them, then sure, have at it.

Although in the case of Common creatures, I wouldn’t recommend it in general anyway.


Yes. Trying to keep up with the meta is pointless and impossible. Just build an attainable team… Eventually you might make it to Gyrosphere, but since powercreep and bait & switch are endemic now, you’ll never keep pace unless you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars like all the whales do. I would also suggest targeting Apex and Unique if you want to be competitive past the upper levels of Aviary.