I thought a tourney started on the 22nd November but can’t find anything about it, is there a link?

you don’t have to opt in (and you cannot opt out) - if you are battling, you are in the tournament.

Unless the game times out and you choose a bot to fight. In that case, your winning trophy count does not get added but you’d still get an incubator. It only counts if you lose. Ludia Logic.

Coolio! That answers my question!

Thank you, just hit 4500 for the first time but not sitting until the third lol

I was at 4606 and seriously contemplated holding till the end of the tournament but I was playing well and thought why not see if I can keep going . I’m not just over 4500 and know I’m still gonna battle and just hope at the end I’m in one of the trophy counts to get something

I thought I recognized your name. Played your earlier and you stomped me. GG. (in game as JuggerNutt)

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I get kicked from 3500, to much lvl 20+ allo, 20 stegod, 20 indom etc. But it kinda challenging.

Good thing I have over 2500 trophies (I’m F2P, and uunder 4500, I have 3222)
Woot Woot! I’m so excited for some Dsungaripterus, and other crap dna! YEAH!!