Who can lose 700 trophies in a little over an hour without changing their lineup team? :raising_hand_woman:t3:โ€โ™€


I have lose from 4800 to 4550 when I was in Ruin before update.i think its not problem just think next we will climb up with new strategy.Now I was in 4660 rank and have higher opponent than was in Ruin.just enjoy everything you have in result.makes enjoy and happy.

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So change ur teamโ€ฆ

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I get down in the dumps if I lose 100 trophies , so to lose 700 would be seriously depressing . Why do you think this happened ? Did you go up an arena ?

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I think I didnโ€™t study the updated movesets well enough. Plus, I think I was playing too much during a busy time period (Thanksgiving weekend evening). I should have stopped- but hey I got all yellow incubators! Iโ€™m now just playing less and collecting more. Thanks for all your input!

Welcome to the tournament.

Itโ€™s what happens when the upper tier players lose their trophies and battle to get them back.

After Ludia takes away the top teamsโ€™ trophies, in order for them to gain them back, someone else has to lose theirs, itโ€™s a trophy economy.

We lose.

Thanks, Ludia.

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That makes perfect sense, Jonny! Thank you for sharing that- as we need to be careful during tournament time. I guess the game is pretty fun but the leaderboard needs dino-bait, haha. (You made my evening- Iโ€™m not going nuts.) Kudos

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