“All players that opt-in, except for flagged cheaters, are part of the matchmaking pool for each individual Tournament. Matchmaking is based on the current PvP matchmaking rules”

I have a roster full of 23-26 Dino’s for this tournament. I finished 800. I’ve finished in the top 50 for every single skilled tournament. Everyone close to 800 around me had level 18-20 Dino’s. why am i not fighting people ranked close to me if this is a “tournament”? The last 20 battles i had were impossible. I didn’t fight a single Dino under level 28 and for the most part that was the entire tournament for me. This wasn’t a tournament. It’s just another arena ruined by matchmaking.

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All I know is that I forgot to do a few matches before bed so I woke up having placed 253. Whatever, I still am glad it was a gold entry fee, not a hard cash fee, and a got 10k gold and several thousand Blue DNA for doing the odd battle over 2 days. Not a bad deal. Also, I found out just how much some people invest in their epics and legendaries. So many near-30 Edmontoguanodons and Stegoceratops which were BOOSTED to t4/t5 on top of that. Ouch. But hey, if they wanted to win that badly, okay, can’t say I blame 'em and it just means they hurt their chances with the upcoming regular seasonal stuff coming but I’m sure future tournaments will let them use these things so…eh, fair trade-off.

Edit: (Neat-o! didn’t realize it’s my 1 year forum anniversary today!)