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Tournaments and arenas fix

Please read whole.

If the intent was for boosts to have an effect on what Dino’s are being used. To bring changes to tournament out comes and help bring new players to the game. Then I think Ludia has it back wards.

Under the current system, many players are fed up with battling at all. It is taking longer periods for a majority of players to get their daily incubator, and boosts have caused Ludia to have Aviary open up battles based on trophies from 4300-9k.

As more players get crushed and see that the exploits of boosts, all 3 of them now, has brought daily play to halt and battling not enjoyable. I believe there is a simple fix for this. And makes a whole lot more sense then the current situation.

The arena it self should be all unboosted Dino’s. Return it to the format it was. Return it to battling +/- 200 trophies. This has a multi positive effect on the game. It brings back skill. The need to play and catch Dino’s to level up. It means the f2p can actually reach higher tiers of arena’s and get the daily battle incubator and benefit higher boost counts, then those who exploited the game, or just have a heavy wallet and can buy their way to the top. This allows Ludia then to go back to selling these boosts for those who want to buy them. And they make No difference on daily play to all players.

Moving forward: Ludia can make all tournaments open to boosted Dino’s. Using the same format. One week, boosted commons only. Next week boosted rares only…ect ect ect. The spenders are rewarded. It gives players the choice, of hey I want to be the commons champion so I will boost only my commons. Like wise the epic champion. It also makes since, cause the reward for getting your daily incubator from arena, and grinding your way to level Dino’s will be here. The spenders can feel like they are center stage with a spot light on them, and be rewarded for winning.

This proposal is a simple fix. The exploits kick in only in the tournament. The spenders will spend more, cause imagine not being a top 10 in all categories, life may end. Daily play and battling will be enjoyable, for the whole. While all the time, the skilled and or grinding player is rewarded in the arena which will constantly get more competitive and more reach lvl30 Dino’s. Finally, it will lead to discoveries of different Dino’s, which I feel Ludias intent was, that are over looked.

What do you all think???