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Tournaments and the Community


Season 1: “Oh my god! That’s awesome! Look at how good all the rewards are! Look at the exclusive DNA! Finally something to breathe life back into arena!”

Season 2: “Oh, that was fast. Cool I guess this is going to be a regular thing. It seems like waiting a few days after reset is the best way to not get stomped.”

Season 3: “Rare DNA? Ok I guess. The flyers haven’t really been out long enough for us to figure out if they’re any good but sure, tournament.”

Season 4: “Another one? But you haven’t fixed all these bugs with the new update…the speed indicator isn’t working, damage previews aren’t accounting for armor and shields. But whatever, I’ll play…”

Season 5: “Erlikosaurus finally! I mean I won’t place high enough to really get anything since the same players make up the top 10 every season…but I’ll take it. Some bug fixes would be nice by now though…”

Season 6: “Peak trophy count is a cool idea, is that implemented yet? How about better matchmaking without global resets, or ability to opt in/have separate ladders? No? Ok…well what’s the DNA? A common that has a lame hybrid and will eventually be released into the wild the way Draco Gen 2 was? Fine…”

Season 7: “Bro who cares…”


Pretty much…


Very true. Things wouldn’t be so bad if there was a bigger gap between them.

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If they must reset every single tourney, they could at least update the reset amount to 5000.
It would make the tourneys a little less disruptive for the time being.


I agree with this… 4.5k trophy reset range isnt needed the whole point of a reset is so the top people dont get so far away they cant be caught… but the difference in teams between 4.5k and 5k may as well be 2k trophies…a 5k trophy reset would provide the same goal with less disruption.

This is also the only game ive played that has ladder based seasons in which their is so much off season. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, and its most likely due to Ludia taking a week to manually give out rewards. But in any game ive played that uses this format old season ends rewards are handed out and new season begins. In doing so the season becomes the ladder… so their is no… i lose trophies during every season threads because their is no off season in which people drop to farm stuff like easy incs and irritator. When people drop… someone has to move up.


Preach brotha :raised_hands:t4:
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Season 6: Who made the Leaderboard? What do you mean they removed cheaters AFTER the end? I didn’t need to play that last match because I would have easily made Top 500?

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