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Tournaments dominated by dracoceratops

Why do you create tournaments when only one dino (dracoceratops) decide if you win or loose?
The player with the bigger dracoceratops normally win 85% of the games, because you cant kill a dracoceratops with 4500 HP with legendary dinos.

I dont understand, why you dont nerf this dino… -.-


A little random, but as I was reading this topic, guess who popped up in my battle and got a lovely crit on my dino?..




Yep same old at this forum. Dc needs nerfs: Ludia doesn’t listen.

Spent over a year to unlock Magna - Goes to try it in the arena…ratted right away. This dc rat needs to be scrapped from the game with nerfs. I got 14k dracog2 dna this week without even trying.


This tournament would be so so much cooler without boosts and Draco…


Then create your own rat and use it to counter the rats you continue to complain about. It’s not that you have a rat it’s how and when you chose to use said rat.


I have a dumb rat probably can get it to lvl 26 right now. But I don’t want to. I refuse to be apart of that.


Them why did you level or up? Seems supply to waste money/resources on a dino you refuse to use.

I said I could probably level it up to 26. It doesn’t mean I did it. I would not do it. I refuse to take a crap on my opponents. I think we lack guts and glory. Rats just want glory no guts.

That takes the fun out of hunting and battling. Why work for a year to get Magna when a quick walk in area 2 gets you the face of this game?

Why even hunt when you can just visit area 2 and set off scents and get a lvl 30 rat in no time.

I’m surprised the loading screen doesn’t just have a bunch of rats on it.


Same here. I have enough to get it to 26, maybe 27, but it stays at 20 and won’t get used.


I fixed the launch screen!


I love it. Those eyes do it justice.

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Check out some of my old patch 1.4 videos on YouTube and watch the matches, so fun when you can have a proper fight and not get ratted out of a win.

Even if you start the match and come up with a plan to counter this, or counter that…they just rat and ruin the whole thing, like how is that even fun?

Bye Strategy, Hello Rattegy!

“If you can’t Strat it, Rat it!”
“If you cant take it, Drake it!”


Ye I remember, I play for more than a year. The problem in the past was the lack of variety. That’s a problem we have till this day, but I believe it’s starting to change… Though we’ll never know if today could be more fun than those times because we have rats and boosts to ruin everything.


So what was that discussion like at Ludia headquarters when they were in the planning stages of this tournament?
Dev1: “We should have a common, rare, & epic tournament with no boosts.”
Dev2: “Why no boosts?”
Dev1: “To make it balanced for all players.”
Dev2: “Yeah, this will be a good one.”
#3. : “Daddy said I can use my draco, and I want my boosts.”


Every time I try and play my new Erlikospyx and TanyBeak they get ratted instantly!

Thankfully I boosted TanyBeaks health today so its just shy of 4000 so not in instant ratting range, poor Dilo and Erlidom though.

Sucks when an easy to make legendary that isn’t even a Super is able to one shot uniques. I mean Spyx requires Bary Gen2 which isn’t easy to get!

I really miss the old days of proper matches. Where if it was 2 - 2 and you had the faster dinosaur you knew you could win it…now you cant even focus on the match and playing right because you are always worried about your Dino health getting too low and in rat range.

IMHO if its 2v2 and you have the faster dinosaur and they cant survive the next hit, you win! I don’t care how much they rat.


I’m playing the tournament right now and have throughout most of the day. Ranked into Top 100 but don’t think I’m going to continue due to rat problem. I’ve noticed it getting worse thought the day with people putting both Dracos on their team and swapping in/out. I really have no idea who at Ludia throughout the rat would bring fun to battles. It’s annoying enough in the arena but why on earth do they allow it in the tournament with barely any counters.


I played a few matches earlier and was having fun until literally nothing but lvl 25+ rats were in every single match. The tourney should just be call Rat edition: May the best DC win.

Ludia: GLHF

Then I said screw this and went back to arena and what do you know more rats. Player had a lvl 28 tryko and then just ratted my dino. My only hope was crit rng here got lucky too:

Even if I improve my team I will just drop lower. I really hope Ludia goes back to trophy counts only. This matchmaking combined with DC is just bad. Why am I battling lvl 27- 30’s with the same amounts of boosts as mine? Guess I still can’t use my hard earned ratless A team…


hahaha, of course.
when i read the rules, im sure draco for all.

the only tyrant legendary… its like using a unique in a tournament up to legendaries.

im sure that top players’ lvl 30 high boosted dracos is finishing everything untill sunday.

no matter u try monostego, alankylosaur, ardontosaur, ankyntrosaur, or anysaur.

youll get rampages and boosted rampages every battle.

let’s give apex predators members some cash and coins.

good luck, im darting… :angel:

Nice cover! But I think it’s missing a certain green emerald dino… :wink:

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