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Tournaments for new players

Hi Ludia.

Any chance all future tournaments can be all creatures level 26 no boosts? When it’s current Creature level is the rules ( as per this event ) lower level players aren’t going to do very well. They will face players with Creature double their level, which is unfair. I have mainly level 14 ( I have a couple of 15s and a 16), but am constantly paired with 17 plus creatures. I don’t mind losing, as I try different creatures to see what may be useful in the future, but it would be nice to face level players once in a while

I am all for no more advantage tournaments. People will come up with some reason or the other why they want an advantage tournament, but ultimately the people that do well in these are already the people doing well in the arena comparatively. So that means, long time players or big spenders. Everyone else is at the mercy of match making hoping to not face those people. There is a small group that will do well like the players that mega level commons and rares and do not really care about hybrids.

Skill no advantage tournaments are just better and give the game that extra dimension of battling that is not the exact same mess we see in arena. When its not skill and uses advantages, all these tournaments become an arena with restrictions. Perhaps if Ludia worked on match making, it would make this better, but to me it would not be fair in that regard if a LV 10 player makes it in the top 100 only battling players of similar levels vs a LV 20 player having to battle much greater dinos and being 3000th. I do not think advantage tournaments will ever be fair and are a major point of disinterest for people in this game. I imagine people quit simply because of decisions like this.

Ludia has a tendency to cater to upper echelon at the cost of the rest of the player base. It only seems fair that at least one area, tournaments, should be an even playing field.

Advantage Tournaments are not worth it. Dont bother with them. Do them only to get the 1000 alliance points and after that dont even touch them.

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I agree. They are prone to inducing some serious phone-breaking rage!