Tournaments for the rest of us


One simple way would be to have a handicap tournament where for example the maximum Dino level is say 20 or even lower. The people who collect DNA rather than buying would have a wider range of lower level dinos and so could make better teams than the high spending players who probably have few level 20s. Also a tournament excluding legendary and uniques would be fun. Having lower level dinosaurs would put more of a premium on skill and team building. I’d have more respect for a tournament winner who did it with all level 18’s than someone who did with 27’s and more.


Cant have participation trophies for everything in life even if it is 2018


I totally get where you are coming from. However, participation is about just that the participation. Gaming is about gaming and having fun. If you wish to be competitive, then do so at your own risk. You cannot get mad if you lose now and again.

The winner is a great win, but you learn more when you lose.

The gamers, that wish to play the game, want to enjoy it, not have to be required to be aggressive to get to where they are wanting to be.


Do you people even know what a participation award is? You keep holding on to that concept and using it like people here just want stuff for free, yet I haven’t seen a single post demanding that.


Handicap events are common in many sports. Their purpose is not to give prizes to everyone but to let players of different levels compete against each other in a match that both sides feel they have a chance of winning. Handicaps encourage participation which is what we all want.


Tournament is only for people that have had a while vip or spend some serious money (pay to win in this part). Or those that have a lot of time, have nearby parks with 20 event supply nearby etc etc. For some real proper competitve games with tournaments it is better to look elsewhere. No equal chances in this one.


Tournament is for everyone. Winning the grand prize is for whales. You can still get to 4000+ trophies on your own and get rewarded.

And I don’t understand what would equal chances mean. In every game, every sport chances are not equal at all. You can have better equipment, less lag, more strength…there is always some kind of edge, here it’s money mainly but it’s not that easy and amha it keeps it interesting

Ludia rewards players that spend the most and it’s okay. Hear me, I would like to have fixed tournament too with fixed level dino but you have to reward the people who are investing money and time in this game to keep them.
I will post an idea that can make up for both sides.


Here is the topic for my suggestion : Idea : Tournaments for everyone


An example, the tournaments is like the olympics. It’s a competition for the best of the best. Althletes are constantly training to perform well. Same can be applied to this scenario. Unless you haven’t trained and built that strong team, you can’t expect a gold medal like the phelps for simply putting your feet in the water. Y’all want to be included in everything. Not everyone can get a cookie, from the cookie jar.


So we are still going for the unapplyable analogies?

In the olympics, it matters how hard you train. That could be compared to how much you go out in jwa, how far you are willing to go to get dna, how many days a week you manage to get to the maximum coin limit. It can not be compared to how much money you placed in your account because that’s a different way of being “the best of the best”. Same with spoofing. In your analogy, those spoofers that escaped the ban wave and are still among legit players would fit perfectly into the “best of the best” category.

You wanna keep using the same analogy? There’s another olympics for disabled people, where people with different skill limits compete with each other.

Different forms of competition for different skill limits. That’s more comparable to p2w and f2p. It exists in the real world, and it would be extremely easy to apply in jwa. Different brackets with different levels of awards. You won the lockdown tournament, you get a crappy award. You won the sorna tournament, you get something better and so on and so on.

So far I’ve seen many different approaches to this tournament by many different players posting on this forums, and all of them better that the current mess.


And stop believing everyone that complains just wants a “gold medal”. Nobody in the lower ranks actually expects to win this.


Αbout the tournament,great idea But it will make the stronger even more powerful .It will be more fair to have Divisions like 3. And will be measured by our Levels.We all reset to 3500 but 8-12lvl will be in Division 3 , 12-16 will be Division 2 and 16-20 will be Division 1 Every Division Winners will have separate rewards. So the gap will not open,and in the top tier will have different winners because of the competitiveness

And to avoid people going down Divisions,the best reward for Division3 will be the worst reward for Division 2
Rolyberts idea


Okay I can see where you are coming from, but this isn’t a novice tournament. Everyone knew beforehand the prerequisite before the event started for rewards. Players 3500 would get rewarded, assuming players at that level can make it to back that level.

You don’t got to spend a lot of money to make it to the top 500s. I barely put any money into this game as a personal choice and I’d say i’m doing exceptionally well. I don’t expect to make it to the top 100, because it’s my own personal choice to not dump loads of $$$. You can only advance so far, but that is reasonable from where I was at. Players 3500 and up should have no problem making it to the top 500s if they work harder and build a stronger team. The only exception is facing spoofers/ hackers. Its not hard guys, I don’t see why so many players are complaining.

I have 10 legendaries, close to unlocking another 5 legendaries plus two uniques. Didn’t buy a single incubator, and majority of my team plus collection has been solely through excerise. I feel like we need to play that post malone song :grin:

Now they always say, “Congratulations”
Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation
They ain’t never had the dedication
People hatin’, say we changed and look, we made it
Yeah, we made it (top 500s)

Max cap those coins and dollars, took me a week to level that stegodeus.


My only comment to this is the unfairness and sporadic nature of the match making. I’ve had many fair battles in the tourney so far and many have come down to a single blow to win and lose… that is really fun.

What isn’t fun is being completely overpowered by 4-5 levels and unique dinosaurs. It’s a matchmaking issue, not how the tournament is done. I’ve battled ALOT… in the past 24h and have barely squeeked about 3700… I was consistently in 4000-4300 trophy range before.


I can respect that. Thanks for taking your time and elaborate a proper, non-rude, non-self righteous reply. I guess I’ll be better prepared in a few tournaments!


The matchmaking is based solely on trophies. If someone just enter the tournament today with his legendary team level 23+ he will be at 3500 trophy and he will crush everyone before reaching his true rank. I was in 4800+ range, I’m now close to jurassic ruins again but it takes time and it’s normal. When all the overpowered teams will be on top of leaderboard, other will start to climb back to 4000 trophies and the not so powered but still strong will climb as well.

It’s the same and will likely remain the same with each reset. It’s only because matchmaking is based on trophies but it’s the only way they can do it to ensure that people who invest time/money in the game have an edge in regards to their investment.


In Jurassic World: THE GAME, everyone could get a reward, if we can that tournament system, it could be good for all players, in JWA only 500 can get rewarded :cry:


Problem for Ludia is that they want more players paying and that won’t happen under the current system. If you had tournaments for lower strength players those players might want to spend as they’d get some hope of winning something. The presence of lower level tournaments doesn’t detract from the main one. They provide an alternative and increase the depth of the game. What about a player whose started the game today? What chance have they got of getting near the top? Remember the advantage the Beta players had when the game started? To encourage new players you need to encourage their skill and dedication which is difficult to do if they are too far behind in time to catch the current leaders but is easier to do if they compete against their peers. This is why combat games keep having new worlds so as new players get a chance.