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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | April 2021

It’s not so much that testa is the worst AC, it’s that it set the precedent that repeating ACs is something that will likely happen in the future. That is not a trend that I’d bet many would like to see.

I agree they will make more tournys when more uniques realese.

There were 3 ways Ludia could have gone. All 3 would ensure anger and bad precedents.

  1. Repeats. This way is the safest since they can put a new creature on when it comes up and bring in fan favourites to buffer between updates. Also it shows laziness.

  2. Break the 1 exclusive creature mould by bringing in IndoR/Thora. This allows Ludia to use all 20+ uniques and also troll players. The downside is of course many months will be meh with Thora/IndoR/Erlid being used to tide over. Cue the anger about Ludia imbalancing arena with easy to build uniques and useless uniques.

  3. Switch to exclusive ingredients Legendaries. This would be the least annoying choice since there are only 2 left IndoR G2 and Carnotarkus whose ingredients are pretty solid for tourneys whole not breaking the exclusive ingredient rule. Of course both are horrible in arena due to meta and movesets but usable in Legendary tourneys and Raids. This also allows Ludia 2 more months to introduce fresh creatures for AC or kick the can down the road.


Or 4. They should’ve introduced a new unique in the update a few weeks ago with an exclusive ingredient, so that no one would have anything to complain about.

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That would be kinda like 3 but extending things by 1 month

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Basicly would be like 2.3, a clearly rushed unique just for championships, honeslty glad they didn’t reapet that mistake again

I’d much rather wait a month longer and get a more well thought out unique

So after 4 days still no clarification on this once again glaringly obvious mistake?

Is it Common or not???

Hello hello! It is not Common :slight_smile:

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That’s a shame. :pensive: Was hoping to get the Lythronax achievement done. Will wait to next tourney, please include a Common one next month, thanks. :+1:

Cunnings don’t have a place in this tournament

I don’t know how to join the tournaments

You have to be in an alliance, and also I think you have to be a certain level, maybe 10, not sure on that.

There will be a button next to the ‘BATTLE’ button for Tournament. You access it through that.

You don’t have to be in an alliance to participate, but will only get the rewards for each tournament not the incubator at the end of the month

I think you have to have a certain amount of PvP trophies

I’ve been killing it this tourney, I’m in the top 500


Can someone help me understand why next week shows Nasuto above but in game it says the “Exclusive DNA” tournament is week 4?

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Or 4. If they insist on keeping the exclusivity clause, they can change which ingredients are exclusive and rotate certain dinos out of the roster. For example, Dilophosaurus has two hybrids now, so they could make it no longer exclusive. If Dilophosaurus is no longer exclusive, Diloracheirus can be rotated out of the lineup, and either a brand new unique using an exclusive ingredient, (like a hypothetical alloraptor hybrid) or a unique with a newly exclusive ingredient (e.g. if they made an ingredient for an existing unique exclusive, for example if Baryonyx Gen 2 was exclusive it would make Erlikospyx exclusive) could take their place in the tournament lineup. Monolorhino/Woolly Rhino could be another candidate for de-exclisivizing. As good as Monolorhino is, if Keratoporcus ever gets a hybrid, it’ll be really annoying for most people to get enough Woolly Rhino DNA for two unique hybrids.

I realised the idea.of exclusivity has been planned long ago. Look at the 12 and notice some of them weren’t exclusive in 1.XX but all are exclusive 2.0 onwards.

Exclusive creatures aren’t just affected for spawning but also sanc building. Exclusives give far superior SP than huntables. So changing them around will affect a lot of things.

Ludia could do that but why bother? They can’t be bothered to even fix arena to be less of a pain in 5 months why would they put in the effort to recode multiple creatures so they can have a Championship that some players might like.

Right now, the only creature I would like to be a Championship is Entelolania. Every other creature is a waste of my time grinding for. We just had Pouka, Skoona and Antarc Championships so that is the remaining 3 uniques I dun have at lvl 30.

Personally, I rather they went for Carnotark and the IndoG2. Then introduce 2 new exclusive DNA uniques and 1 exclusive DNA legendary superhybrid.

The less Ludia tries to mess with what is working the better. They tend to mess up what works very badly and make things much worse.for the average player to appease some “players”.


You’re definitely right that the exclusive uniques were pre-planned, I was starting to notice that too. They could change stuff like the SP along with spawning, but you’re probably right that it’s best not to overcomplicate things for Ludia. Although I wouldn’t necessarily say that simply repeating the same tournaments every year is “working”, if that is what they’re doing. It would be worth it to try to find some way to change up the tournaments so that the majority of the playerbase doesn’t lose interest in tourneys.

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That’s a straight up lie. Don’t take one situation where a cunning got beat by a counter to it and say that they have no place here. They very CLEARLY do. Examples for uses of cunnings: andrewsarchus, marsupial lion, suchotator (sometimes), swap combos, revenge kills, setups. Cunnings are bad, but they aren’t USELESS.