[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | August 2021

Well.because Apex creatures are taking over Arena. With most uniques getting benched they want us to use them now in tournaments.

But I do agree it should be more rarity based. Give each tier it’s own Month perhaps?

What Happens with the players that we Can’t do the tournament why we Can’t enter in game since last update?


Could next be Scorpius Rex gen3 or something really really really good?

I would like to get my really good creatures to higher levels. I just don’t have the dna

I wish the fourth week you could use hybrids and normal epic dinos

So they go and add another 2x, but dont even make it the skill tournament. Of course

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What a joke :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Q: Woolly rhino, Sarcorixis, Thylacotator, Dracorex, Andrewsarchus, Pyrrolyth, Gorgosaurus, Titanoboa. What is common between these creatures?

A: They should have no role in a legendary (adv) tournament! They are great, don’t get me wrong. I just can’t understand why do they have to be ever-present in any advantage tournament. I’m growing tired of waiting the 2734 dmg rhino to step in or the 7000+ hp thyla to jump to the rescue. They are great investments for sure - always included.

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Advantage cash tournament with boosts!?!?
This is going to be fun!:smiling_imp:

Dear Ludia,

It’s been a long time now and we still have not gotten a common only tournament, infact, we never had a common only tournament eversince alliance championship was a thing.

I think it would be great for them to be back, right now commons feel pointless to invest in, in common/rare, why invest in commons while we have rares? Same for Epics, and so on. And I don’t want to invest in them just to use them in strike events, campaign, etc… I want to use them in a common only advantage. As someone who invested in commons I sometimes kick myself for all the coins I’ve spent on them, I really hope we can have common only tournaments again because I want to have that experience again in common only tournaments, I’m fine if we can’t have skill but we should at least have advantage for those who invested in commons.
Maybe next month we can have common only tournaments, please?


So, is it confirmed that this last one is gonna be advantage? Even though the fifth of a month has always been Skill unique…

Agree. We shouldn’t miss out on one whole class of creatures.

We dead :skull_and_crossbones:

Just want to say thank you for this tournament. I have level 20 dinos that are getting absolutely obliterated against level 29 and 30 dinos that are boosted. It is super fun getting slaughtered. I had to make a rational decision and cancel my VIP though. So again, thank you for saving me $10 a month.


My timer is saying the Tournament ends in just over three hours which will be 1pm UK, is this right?

@Ned i think they forgot to release September’s tournaments.


Yeah I’ve been waiting patiently… but seems odd it’s not been posted with the rest of the posts they do at the start of a new AC

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For September and forever, please… PLEASE consider adding common only tournaments.


Fingers crossed! Would love a common only tournament even if it’s just skill!

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This is the September championship. Someone sent me a link. Not sure why it works but the thread isn’t found. :man_shrugging: