[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | August 2021

Any update here @Ned?

There is no possible way that can be a unique led advantage tournament for week 5. That would mean 3 months in a row of unique advantage. ALSO that would mean 3 advantage this AC as well as an advantage being 2x points. That would basically mean 4 advantage tournaments for points to only 2 skill tournaments. If Ludia is going to keep that as advantage then they need to make the 3rd week (skill) the 2x points. But overall let’s just make week 5 a skill like it always has been.

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@Ned Is there an update to this? I want to avoid similar situations that happened with the Testacornibus championship where the rarities and rewards were misrepresented and was not officially announced and confirmed days before the start of the advantage tournament. We need to know so we can invest our resources properly ahead of time.

Hey PackBrewCrew, I’ve just poked our team again and the Tournament information above is correct. However, if anything changes, we’ll be sure to try and update the info ASAP.



I have to say that an advantage tournament with Uniques and Hard Cash as a prize is pretty crappy…


In what world does it make sense to have an advantage tournament for HC? Basically sticks it to the people who don’t spend a ton of money on the game. I’d love to hear the actual reasoning from your team as how this became a thing. Can you poke them one more time for me please? As someone who grinds tourney every weekend, I’d be interested in hearing the answer


@Ned Can you request a change?

Unique advantage for hard cash rewards is just giving game cash to the biggest spenders. Usually that was an opportunity for non spenders to get some cash to enhance their teams.

And again, having 3/5 tourneys be advantage AND have an advantage be the 2x (week 4) basically makes skill mean nothing to the overall AC score.

So please recommend they make week 5 a skill or they make week 3 skill the 2x points to even it out.

In a 5 week AC it used to be 3 skill tourneys and 2 advantage in which 1 advantage was 2x points so it evened them out as far as point distribution between skill and advantage math wise. This is way too lopsided to advantage.


@PackBrewCrew, I can definitely forward the feedback to our team.


I don’t think it’s that bad because Apex are running the show in arena now. Just draw magnus lux nitro mortem and mrhino lol. Most unique are useless.

If a unique doesn’t have stun resist it’s not very good.

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Ludia sure knows how to kill their tournament player base. At this point you should just introduce apex into the tournament scene.


Arena and tournaments are supposed to be different. They’ve been fun being able to use creatures not in meta and in the arena aka no unique legendary and of course apex.

In my opinion

Apex unique legendary = arena
Common rare epic = tournament

The occasional legendary in tournaments is ok to mix things up as well as the SKILL unique as that is much different from arena.

Unique advantage is arena and is not fun.

@Ned would you forward this please? Thanks.

I think it’s a good thing that players can use their unique dinos for tournaments. Unique dinos became worthless nowadays because more and more apex dinos are coming into the arena fight and this way uniques will have no place there in the near future. I think it would be fair to give us one unique advantage tournament per month as players invested too much effort into their unique dinos and they want to use them too.

Sure thing! Thanks for the feedback, Phil!

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Once a month seems a little excessive. And honestly, I don’t think apexes will completely fill up teams and uniques will go extinct. Only like 4/7 apex class dinosaurs are very viable at the top. Plus, there are only 7 apex dinosaurs, if you’re going to run all 7 on your team, you’re not only already forced to run at least 1 dinosaur of another rarity, you’re also going to not progress as much, since some uniques are better than some apex dinosaurs (eg Skoonasaurus and Monolorhino are better than Refrenantem and Haast Maximus).

In my opinion, almost completely negating us skill tournament players’ abilities and strong points by giving advantage players such an edge in terms of alliance points is completely uncalled for and needs to be balanced to keep the player-base actively engaged in this game. I seriously hope Ludia changes their mind and leaves their idea of a 5-week season where the HC tournament is advantage behind.


That isn’t exactly true. More of the apex creatures will be viable. Besides unique with legends etc is not like the arena at all. Arena is nitro mortem, magnus, mrhino, lux. And the double swapper stuns limits what uniques can be used.

So these are actually fun there is more variety when the magnus and mrhino duo goes away its more fun.

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Now matter how but Ludia has to give their players the opportunity to use their dinos. Uniques are very hard to get, that’s why they are more important for the players. It’s very unfair that uniques became worthless now (or most of them). That’s why I love the idea that I can use them in tournaments and most of the players I know think the same. If Ludia would give the players compensation for their unused uniques that would be OK for me as well.

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I agree and share a similar view. I have some uniques that never get used. Because they suck now in arena due to mostly swap ins of magnus and mrhino together. I like using them in these. Its not like arena when you can actually use creatures that don’t have stun resist.

Maybe we didn’t lvl 30 them for no reason.

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Ok but we already have gotten 2 (were not that fun) and it’s not fair at all to the skill players who only get 2 tournaments when the advantage players basically get 4

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I don’t know about that, I doubt every match you play will just be Magnus/Mortem/Hadros/Mrhino. Especially with dinosaurs like Testa, Constrictor, Skoona and SR3 coming into the fray. Mortems are falling fast due to SR3 and Cauly, and with the new update coming, I doubt you’d see them much at the top anymore. Hadros and Magnus require testing, ofc, but yeah I’d say you’re right about them still dominating (and sure, a tournament where they aren’t there may be a little more chill, but just removing 2 dinosaurs definitely isn’t enough of an excuse to completely change a format and put half the community in a more or less disadvantaged state).

Variety is an issue though, you’ll still see the same old meta dinos in unique advantage, nothing will change there, it’s not like there’s a completely new meta in unique advantage. The 2 or 3 odd ones out are just people filling in the gaps, keep in mind that’s about a 1/4th of how many slots you have on your team.

You do have a valid point though, I commend you for it.

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Well I mean I understand it but you should think about leveling a few things for tourneys. The game isn’t made just for tourneys or just for arena. It’s both so just try to build up to that.