[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | August 2021

The fact that the 5th tournament being advantage was just put out there and not communicated by Ludia first is somewhat wrong, too.
Like, there must be a reason as to why the 5th tourney is advantage this time (I’m on the skill side) especially when it’s always been skill, like why all of the sudden change it?
The 5th tourney being skill allows for smoother T10. (my wording sucks, I know). the 5th tourney being advantage? Expect the matchmaking to be quite horrid, even down in the 700s. Lol


Well sigh

Honestly I can agree with you saying that some uniques have been kicked out of the meta due to apex dinosaurs. But that was a very select amount, and of them are only dinosaurs that were on the verge of disappearance, Magna, Tryko and Dio (everything else I can think of dropped due to other issues, not the apex dinosaurs). Magna was already falling due to it being extremely frail, and honestly I think dinosaurs like Cauly, Skoona and Mrhino were the real nails in the coffin. Tryko and Dio both lack stun resistance, which made them very vulnerable to Magnus and Mrhino (and of course Mortem), but with the introduction of SR3, it was kind of the thing that cut them off (Cauly too in Tryko’s case). Dio was also already on the verge of falling out of the meta though, very predictable.

Even if you were to count those 3, that’s 3 dinosaurs that were erased from the meta by apex dinosaurs. Notice how each of them now have meta counters? That’d mean that they would’ve probably fallen out even or at least got kicked from tyrant without the apex dinosaurs.

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Why do you think skill players grind to stress themselves out for no reason? I work on both but put way more time in my rares and epics the unique cash advantage is just rewarding the people who only put time into uniques or spent a lot of money on the game

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Not looking forward to an advantage tournament 3 times, hopefully that’s a mistake

Also can we please get a common only skill tournament :frowning:

It isn’t apparently. Check the tournament thread

I didn’t spend a lot barely have bought anything at all not my thing. But I have played since launch. I have some creatures for every rarity made. I do understand but not all of that is true.

For one I’m glad there’s no magnus and mrhino combo duo. Getting old to me in arena boring.

Secondly I don’t think what this game does should be so patterned. It’s like a robotic pattern is boring. I’d like to see them switch up tourneys more often. Just my opinion

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I mean, it’s pretty transparent:

Step 1: Huge meta shift with no boost reset
Step 2: Schedule a unique advantage tournament at the end of the month
Step 3: Huge boost bundles on sale all month
Step 4: PROFIT!!

I don’t agree with many of the points raised in this thread as I’ve found the unique advantage massively, massively more varied and fun than arena and many other stale tournament formats that have been offered up on repeat for months on end, but still it just feels a bit gross…

You can’t really avoid a pattern when you’re restricted to 5 rarities of dinosaurs. Unless you’re asking for an apex skill/advantage tournament :rofl:.

The Magnus+Mrhino duo may be getting stale, but is fighting the same old uniques not as well? Like let’s say fighting something that’s used on a lot of top teams, Skoonasaurus. Isn’t it kind of the same thing? You’re fighting the same thing over and over again, it’s tough to deal with, it may be overpowered to an extent. Plus you could change Magnus to something else in these tournaments, like let’s say Dcpro/Dctops.

Even for players who aren’t that high, don’t you think aviary players are absolutely sick of fighting Thor? They have to face the dreaded level 30 145 speed Thor in the tournament too, do they not? I’d say an even playing field for uniques is definitely a lot more fun. Especially since low level players who don’t have many uniques can climb up a bit too, without worrying about unfair matchmaking.

If you want to play with your normal levels you worked for, go to arena, if you want to play with balanced and even levels, go to tournaments. Shouldn’t that be how it works for RELU? (rare epic legendary unique)


You are right. That’s why I and many many other players would love to use these “old” uniques again. Right now tournaments are the only way. If there would be another feature in the game that would be nice too. It’s not about winning these tournaments or being successful in them, it’s just about using our dinos as many players already have them. If we couldn’t use these dinos anymore that would be a very unfair thing from Ludia.

The rats are no magnus at all but yeah. Seems like problem with swapping anywhere. But nothing beats the resistances if mrhino combined magnus critting stun insta faster than the entire game lol.

I seen a bit of different uniques in the last one. While I agree the mrhino, tenrex, gemini, and etc usual uniques are there. I also saw some rinex, orion, magna, and few others. And I use Entelolania which I don’t have to worry about both magnus and mrhino swap stunning. So it just opens up a few useable dinos. Skoona is easy for both lanias.

I can’t really take any unique into arena it has to have resistances against stunning mostly. So its a bummer there.

I’m not here to say I’m right the rest are wrong just saying my pov lol.

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I mean like to be fair, can’t you do that in arena too? If you don’t play to be the best of the best and place high, what’s wrong with running a fun team you absolutely enjoy using over being a meta player and running the best dinosaurs in the arena? Or do you care more about the arena than you do for tournaments? Which wouldn’t really make much sense since the only thing you’re missing out on is seasonal DNA, which isn’t really too big of a deal since as long as you stay above 5000, you’re earning a lot (which you will if you have level 30 max boosted previous meta uniques).

Another thing is, we’re already getting unique advantage, so you can still get plenty of opportunities to use the off-meta uniques. This would make it like the 3rd time in a row that we’re getting them. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hold out on them for a bit, especially when half the community dislikes them.


Hmm, I do suppose you have a good point, maybe they aren’t exact clones of arena, but I feel they aren’t special enough to get over and over again, like sure, I have no problem with us getting them once every 2/3 months, but I find that a lot of the community would rather have HC tournaments be skill. Skill tournaments will never be anywhere like arena in the slightest after the introduction of boosts, while unique advantages can still be kind of seen as an arena clone.

So yeah, you’re right about unique advantages not being as bad as everyone in the community made it out to be, but it definitely shouldn’t replace skill. I also agree with what Remmy said, them switching skill to advantage just seemed like a cheap marketing technique, I really hope it isn’t, but it definitely seems like one…


You are right! To this point players could use their uniques in arena for fun if they would like. But the presence of high level apexes made it no fun at all anymore. Lvl 30 MRs and lvl 29 luxes now and lvl 29 magnuses will come! And more apexes will come too. No way you can fight them with your old uniques anymore. It’s not your fault or mine, Ludia has to do something to make unused dinos viable again. They should introduce new features to the game. Until they do this tournaments should be adjusted for my kind of players.

Yeah idk I think it is much more fun than arena. Almost every match I play in arena has mrhino and magnus and it’s really boring and old imo. Uniques I find pretty fun though.

I’m not saying it needs to be advantage everytime though. But I would like it to change some times. The game is very routine and it’s boring like that.

Anyways, skill ones are also better than arena imo also but rng heavy and time consuming. Not everyone has the time to battle a bunch for top places in skill.

what about all the other rarities? It’s not fair that a handful of Apex come in and completely take over the Arena, i agree. It is also not fair that because of that, now the Tournament players have to suffer.

3 months in a row of unique advantage with 2 of them being x2 tournaments isn’t really switching it up either.

It would be nice if the x2 alternated between Skill & Advantage as well. I suck at Skill but it would only be fair.


Yep! Id love to get, say 5900 medals in one week from a skill tournament

I think the issue is having it come at the expense of the Skill players/tournaments. Advantage already get 2x the points, if this 3rd tournament becomes advantage, the value of skill players to their alliances drop even more. Also, skill tournaments seem to add a bit more fun/communication to the alliances. At least in my alliance theres a lot more chatter about which teams to use, whos facing what in the tournament, who’s found a spicey pick to give them a little edge. For advantage tournaments theres some of that, but most of it is screenshots of montser dinos wrecking a team. A lot more quiet on those weekends


Best tournament format: Unique skill
Worse tournament format: Unique advantage
and yet they took away my favourite tournament to replace it with my least favourite…

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