[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Celebration Tournament (07/05)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Tournament. For more detailed information related to Tournaments, see HERE: Tournament Overview


  • Creatures
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Legendary
    • Regular and hybrids
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to your Default Level (any).
  • Stat Boosts
    • Enabled.



Non-epic, Non-unique tourney!:tada:

You are a positive person! Not cynical or negative at all!!

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Woohoo! Lesser tournaments that I have been waiting for!

No Epic Entry

Cry in Rexy

I don’t understand why we work hard to level up dinos and never get tourneys that let us use them all.


I think the normal leaderboard & seasons are the reason to level up Dinos. I love these tournaments that change things up. It will be fun to try out the new hybrids too


I do not understand two things:

  1. As well as there are tournament of common, rare, epic and legendary. Because we do not have a tournament with only
  2. It is a disadvantage to activate the tournament statistics increases of common, rare, epic and legendary. Most of us are not going to use statistics increases in dinosaurs that are not unique, it’s logical because it’s a waste of the ones.

For example, I would not use or use an increase in statistics on dinosaurs that are not unique, it would seem silly to me.

So… basically the same as the last one, without Epics… I don’t see the point in that, but ok.

Looking forward to it! Although I will miss my Purutaurus on my team, I have some decent legendaries.

See you all in Fairgrounds :smile:

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Epics are clearly too strong but let’s keep on allowing DC and DG2 XD

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Its legendary, common, and rare because that is red, white, and blue. Not because epics are op.



It is not the point of strength, it is about diversity. Players can have their favorite dinos and they may wish to boost them, regardless of their usability. These tournaments allow you to do that, because sooner or later , you will get your investment back.
I always save my coins and wait for the tournaments, then decide what to boost. To me, that is fun.
And so far , it got me results. Been 7th once, once top 50, one timea top 100 and one time top 250.
Don’t thnik it is silly. It is actually quite fun.

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If I wanted to spend two days getting ratted I’ll just keep battling in the regular arena. Hard pass.

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Ok so no epics and no uniques.

But what is Regular and hybrids?

Non hybrids and hybrids.

Ok, just an odd way of saying it. The fact they listed common and rare already tells me those are non-hybrids.


  • Common
  • Rare (including hybrids)
  • Legendary

would have worked.

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