[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common and Epic Skilled Tournament (03/20)

I thought I read somewhere that it starts in April ?

I know the Alliance Championships start on April 6th, but I didn’t know if the new tournament rules were not applied until that time either. I guess we’ll see what Ned has to say.

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So far so good for the tourney. Got to test out the new common, and it’s a bit lack luster. But titanoboa has been a star atm. Critting exactly when I need it to.

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I’m loving the snake late game against low HP creatures. They can’t do anything if the OE Rampage or Precise Rampage will kill them.

I can’t wait until later when I can try out the new deer. It’s currently in a sanctuary at the moment.

This also reminds me how badly I want Grypolyth in my team. Grypo is a real MVP in this thanks to No Escape.

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Yeah I’m not sure either… hopefully @Ned can help

i forgot it had on escape rampage my first battle. i was expecting a swap to a trike, and swapped out my 100hp snake. but if i had stayed in i would’ve won regardless. oh well. remember that for next time.

@Piere87, I have answers! :smiley:

It looks like the new feature will not be active for this Tournament. However, they should active in the next Tournament.


Thank you for the quick response!

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Hello, does anyone know if the tournament has the Hello, does anyone know if the tournament has the highest score?

Ned just confirmed it won’t this tournament. But the new rules will start in the tournament next week

Does anyone else feel like Carbo is underperforming since the nerf? Had to take mine off the team.

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Lol same I think it’s a good thing tho since now it just has more counter

Ankylosaurs has actually been so helpful especially against speedsters and it can some damage to tanks but still can’t beat them just stall

Also I feel like mammoth got nerfed on health maybe it cause I don’t use it but I don’t remember it having 4,200 health; I could be wrong; rhino is so good same with spinosaurus gen 2,

Turtle still going strong. It beat 2 critters and only died after falling for a velociraptor’s trickery lol.

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Ya lol but gladly now it’s not the tournament basically trump card… that now goes to mammoth

Although I find spino more useful rhino basically beat anything that’s not immune 1v1

I used spino, it wrecks now.

placed spino on my team, have yet to draw her. still messing around with the team.

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