[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common and Epic Skilled Tournament (03/20)

Lol it does but rhino wreck more and has the armor and hp although less attack and speed

Spino doesn’t seem too bad. Haven’t had a huge amount of success with her, although she does cause my opponents to shift their team a bit.

My team is an anti-Carbo team (like how people had the anti-raptor teams in the common tournament), and I’m happy with it for now.

I’ve gotten some rotten luck today. havent won a single match.

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I love using blue it’s si good

Wasted tournament . I can try many times but I didn’t reach above 60 trophy count in tournament .
Ludia help in tournament only VIP member not normally member

That’s not true though. You sure you are using a team that works together? Skill tourneys are a lot of rng it’s bad. But with the right team you can always go up some aswell as go down some.

Extra ordinarily buggy.
Last four matches, my button would appear late, so I couldnt have won speed ties. And in the last match, I would have clicked the button, it would dissappear , but it would only do the countdown and then play the base attack. But smileys worked fine that was the priority. -.-


It’s definitely been buggy. Stuns have been the worse thanks to the delay.

Fell down from position 31 all the way to 147. Crawled back up to 51, but dang. I didn’t get one of my team members in 6 consecutive battles, and I needed them in every battle. Then when I did finally get them, the battle after I went straight back to not getting them.

Someday, I hope for a tournament where we actually pick our 4 dinos.

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Update: I might give it a rest soon.

5 times my stuns have failed. Meanwhile, my opponents have landed theirs 100%. I hate it when this happens.


I’ll bump that thread so if it happens again it won’t be closed… cause that bug that you can’t pick a move or swap - cause it won’t register has hit the 30+ mark for the amount of times it’s happened to me, and it’s pretty annoying and costs me trophies sometimes. also it loves to happen at the wrong time too. like when you don’t have a swap in dino to counter the other.

I’ve been thrown all the way down and judging by the people I’m facing, I’m now back against the newbie players.

I cannot stress enough how much we need high scores on these things.

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High score would just make the #1 person keep on battling without any worry of losing. There goes the #1 prize if that were to happen. If they have enough free time they could literally stack enough trophies (thank the matchmaking gap for 200 trophies and not any more than that) in their free time and make it harder for #2, #3, etc to climb up. (I have to deal with this every tourney, I literally battled for 17 straight hours this tourney cause of how much I lost back and forth and back and forth). The person that stacks the trophies while #1 can even do this while climbing and cause #1 to have even more of an advantage if they win the battles. Makes there be no point to go for the top if the #1 person is just gonna keep battling to keep their spot. There goes the point of free time. #1 has all of it if they keep winning.

This makes it even harder when it’s almost time for the tourney to end. cause #1 will probably be doing this.

I think it’s still very good against anything that doesn’t have tank busting abilities. But I’m curious, what would be good enough to replace It since you did?

In those tournaments, the person with the most time is always at an advantage anyways, so it doesnt change much. At least with high score, there is a way to mitigate a bad RNG streak/connection issue/bugs, etc etc.

You’ll see how many trophies top 3 will have next tourney compared to this one… My mark has been made bud
I even said it hurts the Monday before the tourney ends cause of “free time”

Yes trophy counts will probably be higher but I dont think they will be astronomical. You said it yourself, you battled 17 hours with almost no change in trophy count because you kept going back and forth. I find that when you are that high in the rankings, the “skill” portion of the game becomes irrelevant because everyone knows the matchup and how to play.

At that point it becomes almost purely RNG, did you draw a counter, did your stun land, did you win that speed tie, did you get a 5 % crit, did the game crap out, etc etc etc. So in order to keep stacking trophies, number 1 would need to win and win and win non stop, beating RNG, which is pretty hard to do.

It wont be perfect thats for sure, maybe worse for the “tip-top” portion of the ladder as you said, but I think overall itll be better for everyone else. We will have to see!

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Yeah, as I (don’t really want to say who this is) comes in top 3 most skill tournaments. that’s why I pointed that out cause I have less free time the Monday before the tourney ends, the time #1 will be grinding as many trophies as he can to keep his #1 spot (if he loses it takes more time but likely won’t happen.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Enough boosts to take my Carnotarkus to next HP level. Interesting score though.

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I lose so many &^&kin speed ties because of the attack buttons appearing a solid 2-3 seconds after the final animation plays…

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