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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common Epic Skill Tournament (01/17)

i have respect for appato ever since i faced someone with a high level one (boosted as well)
if you don’t have anything to deal with it’s massive hp pool (and can’t run due to pinning strike) it’s a pain.


The Dreaded Pinning strike, they never see it coming until it is toooo late.


I didn’t forget about this tournament and I’m working on the article about it. Sims have been run, I just got busy yesterday and didn’t have time for it. It might be after the tournament starts, but I’ll have the information up soon hopefully! :grin:


Slacker :wink:

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Okay Y’all here it is! Sorry it’s so late!



Well this was a waste of HC because no matter what I pick for my team, my victory to defeat ratio is quite literally being 1 to 6 which is not making this fun for me.

Speed tie’s disgusting. That’s no fun when it’s clear who has the lowest ping to ludia server. 99% of the speedtie advantage directly lead to possession of a battle. There’s nothing anyone can do about. It has no skill involved, yet always the same person has to suck it up.

This Tournament is cool for me the RNG is not too important and no dinos who are too powerful, the only problem is when you fight Einia and Sino this combo is a pain

I do not know how valid the distance from Montreal is with speed ties. I am about 725 miles away, by vehicle, and in 10 battles in the tournament, I have yet to win a speed tie. This is battling from home on wifi. I am very near a major city so not like I have to go through a bunch of out of the way routers.

I get the same with regular battles. Time of day doesn’t seem to matter and even tapping where the attack will appear, I lose more than I win.

EDIT: Verizon Fios, fiber-optic cable to the house.

Wifi doesn’t access to the fastest internet speed but should be decent given your location. The CPU and GPU of your device play a major role too.

Be nice it matches wouldn’t glitch for once.

It isn’t the latest and greatest, but let’s take a look:

MOTO G5 Plus

Android 7.0

CPU: Octa-core Cortex-A53 up to 2.0 GHz

GPU: Adreno 506 up to 650 MHz


64.0 GB Storage (53.7 GB internal Shared: 10.1 GB used.)

The biggest advantage i could think of for speed ties is if one played their match ups on an emulator… on a pc hardwired to their modem. Instant advantage and why the speed tie system is terrible.

New to the forum how do you opt in

I’m having an issue with my score not counting.
I don’t even know how I fix this.

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Just lost a won match because switching my creature did not work, i.e. didn’t make the switch…
Otherwise, I like the tournament.

Same here. Did it update at all for you? I just started the tourney, maybe I need to wait more?

Not yet.

I should be top 250.

@J.C @Sara @Ned some help?

I think tournament is the usual crap like all other tournaments. Always people over utilizing one dinosaur exclusively which in this case the turtle. Everyone has it on their team without deviation. Arena and tournament are deadpans for being without variety. In conclusion, the turtle is the version of Dracocera pre-nerfed but for epics. It is no wonder that I avoid spending time in tournaments