[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common No Hybrid Advantage Tournament (03/13)

Guys, what’s your problem? I see that rewards are trash, but there’s also no entry fee. This one is just made for fun I think. Even if you lose then it doesn’t matter at all because you don’t play it for rewards (probably) so there’ll be no stress. I’ll play it as a stepping stone from the overboosted arena

I agree. I personally don’t have many commons at level 20. However, with no entry fee, I will definitely participate

It’s a good Tournament to just rack up the battles for the Alliance. That’s all.

I read a thread from some of the top players in this game that was saying the arena is awful for them at the moment. I was going to suggest that the weekly tourney may be the answer, but having seen this I thought better of that. I honestly can’t think of a single player who would welcome these dna rewards!

When we said that entry fees should be abolished, I don’t think we realised the price we would be paying by having free entry.

You don’t get anything for nothing in this life …

i never remember saying i wanted free entry. (i could’ve but i don’t remember it.) I do remember wanting a more affordable entry fee. sometimes those 70+ HC entry fees are ridiculous for what you get out of it reward wise. (i would’ve been ok with coin entry.)

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This will be a blast. Can’t wait to compete. Hopefully I can win enough to unlock monometrodon. I hear it’s really good.


It’s okay not great but ok

Yeah I mean these two components are so hard to farm … :rofl:

Fun? When boosts are active? On commons? Well, no.

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So it’s the same tournament as last week but with awful rewards and boosts? At least the Spinosaurus DNA was a little useful, if a bit too common for a rare.

But these two… These two… I’m not kidding when I say that Monolo2 spawns outside my house multiple times every day. Dime2 isn’t any better.

I’ll play a few battles, but that will be it. Literally no reason for me to play this one whatsoever.

can you imagine the rage they would have to deal with if there was a tourney with boosts allowed and great rewards?

The only reactions you could expect from this tournament would be…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Words just cant describe how bad these rewards are…and ofcourse stats boosts enabled for common dinos :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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So you’re just giving Apex Predators free dna :slight_smile: how thoughtful of you Ludia! Oh wait… They don’t need it, they have too much :wink: you obviously thought this through very well…

Got myself a lvl 25 Mira and Velo along with a lvl 26 trice G2.

Words can describe how bad these rewards are. Two easily to find commons that makes worst legendary which is component of worst unique. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I would absolutely love If they continued this free entry fee trend for the rest of this game’s life even If at the cost of better rewards, there’s no contest on this one for me. Even If the rewards aren’t that great it’s free and just battling is fun.
Having to pay cash just to play in a tournament has always been a ludicrous concept for me. Not to mention It makes the tournaments more stressful than fun.

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never was a fan of having to pay HC for them. I’m a little more lenient on having a coin entry fee, as it is much easier to gain coins than HC. was thinking maximum of 500 fo an entry fee if they did. (would feel better if it was closer to 100 coin)


The free entry works best because it gets everyone joining. I don’t mind the rewards because I hate darting either one of them.

If monolorhino ever gets a buff this can, in a way help on the many times I passed on these commons nowadays because I have truck loads.

It’s free dna. Of course as I’ve said before… in an update you should give us a choice too. I want to fight for Carbonemys dna or grypo dna. But maybe someone wants to fight for erlik dna. Give a choice and you make more profit and playtime. @Ludia_Developers

My Tarbo gets to come out to play again.

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This kind of tournaments are.fun if you dun expect to be top 100 with a team of fusion lvl creatures.

Advantage tournaments are better for me since.I can use the 100s of thousands of unused DNA to use for fusing. Prob bring out a team of unboosted 30s just to get a feel of their move sets

This kind of tournament without entry fee is good for rushing alliance battle missions at the end of the week. With those common DNA rewards, no one cares how far you can go in the tourney. So just battle and battle till you reach your goal.