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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common Rare Regular Skill Tournament (01/03)

No boost let me also in

I have never done this well. I droooed right after next battle.

Same here I’m actually having soo much fun in the tournament

What do your guys’ teams look like? I’m having trouble finding a good team in this tournament for some reason.

played 2 matches on my lunch break. lost the first and won the second. got in the top 5K.
I’m liking megaloceros atm.

Currently using:
marsupial lion

may replace suchomimus with something else. idk what yet.

Here is mine

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Hope you don’t mind if I basically copy your entire team :grin:

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Megaloceros is my mvp this tournament. loving how she plays.

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Not at all go ahead

I like how her moves are instantly performed :slight_smile:

Anyone else having issues with their points vs rank on leaderboard? My points say 208 and the leaderboard shows my rank at 18,732 with zero for points…

Well,i know some people will hate me to Say the truth but the fact IS these tournaments are boring
We only see the most broken dinos (hello miragaia and ornithomimus) as long as your game IS not balance,i wont try it.
I dont pay entry fee to play a speed tie miragaia/ornithomimus feast

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That’s true but I still enjoy a challenge. Just BS when the game scoring is jacked on top of it being less exciting of a tourney to begin with.

No swap in damage or stuns here~


I’m in sounds good

And the MVP of the time is… Megaloceros… What an annoying freaking creature… I thought turtle vs turtle was boring, until I find myself in a deer vs deer battle :sleeping:

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Megaloceros, brilliant design. Go ahead and make the game more boring. Thought they are going “downhill” after the DC nerf. :laughing:


New tactics is get away from loss with timeout. Megalo is MVP of the tournament.

@shining Saw only few Miragaias so far. Posto and Entelodon takes it out easily. Kelenken is way better than Ornithomimus. Though Megalo destroys both.

i love magaloceros. Haven’t had any deer v deer battles, but i have done a few 3-0s with her. She’s a lot better than i thought she would be.

Yeah, everybody loves it when it’s in your team and not in the opponent’s…