[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common Skill Tournament (06/14)

Do we know how many people generally participate?

lol I found it funny they had to state no hybrids… I mean i’m pretty sure everyone knows what a common is. There are no hybrids lower than rare.


I joined the last tourney in the final hours and threw my first match, just to see what place 0 trophies would get me. It was in 58,000ish place. So 60,000 is probably a reasonable estimate for the number of players that competed last time.

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This will be fun, but the Miragaias and Dimetrodons will be ruling the arena.

Since they haven’t changed the wording in the rules I’ll hazard a guess it hasn’t been fixed. So it must be ok to form a new account a select only the four Dino’s you wish to participate. This could get really interesting. :bomb:

The key is finding those four dinos. I don’t think anyone is going to be able to create a new account and make Mirag.

So what easily attainable four commons could be created between now and the tourney.

Velo, Tany, Tarbo, Allo, DG2. What else?

That’s could be the real challenge here.

There is no creature to one shot Draco G2, right? Man, this is going to be annoying…

At least it cannot stun or run off for another swap in disaster :sweat_smile:

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Tany and Velo I think.

Allo, Tarbo, and Tany can 1-shot it if they

And a couple others. But nothing can 1-shot it without a crit.

Can’t wait to play with thw ugly duckling.



I disagree. While there should be tournaments that cater to the old style, these new style are much more enjoyable.


Tany and Velo don’t one shot it… can’t trust a 5% crit… Tarbo and Allo are slower, so it’s bad anyway. and if they don’t crit, it’s 2 turns of damage… It will be a Draco hell

Let me fix this for you:

This is what you actually meant:


I meant exactly what i said. I just want to play the old style again for a few days. I couldn’t care less where i place in a tournament like that because i just want it for the fun.


And if you think these limited tournaments are actually about skill, you must not know much about this game. These tournaments are RNG hell.


I’ll have Tarbo, Allo, Mira, Nundasuchus, Dimetrodon g2, Deinocheirus, Dilophosaurus G2, and for 8th maybe Suchomimus or Tany or Iguanodon.

The whole game is RNG hell


I am very well aware RNG decimates completely fair play, but even levels provide a much more even and competitive ground.

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