[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common Skill Tournament (06/14)

Looking forward to this tournament, however the question is who will have the lucky 5% crits ^^

I figured that Miragaia and Dracorex G2 would be on every team.
What are the other absolute must-haves you expect to see?
Velociraptor has the highest speed, but Tany is close and seems to hit harder.

Tany is #3?.. then who? One of the evading birds? Phorusracos or Gallimus? or both?

Deinocheirus, the Erliko of the commons. What to do with it: kill velos. When velo attacks with pounce, use minimal speed up strike. This will make it faster than velo. Next turn, you rampage.

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Sad thing about Velo is that it can be one shot by dracog2

Yeah but draco g2 becomes a freebie too if you can use a critter that can kill it after the velo died. Deinocheirus or Nundasuchus could do it in 2 shots, and if you use Nunda it already gets increased attack off the DG2 and ready to do some massive damage to what comes out next. Just do not use velo as your last critter, DG2 is suited more as a finisher.


True. Velo will need to be the second one you use. Nor your first or last. I probably won’t have it on my team. Too much of a risk.

A lot of people don’t wait to use Dracog2 last. They’ll use it on anything below 2400 health.


Then baiting it out will result in another easy win. I’m still wondering if I should keep the initial plan of using Velo or replacing it with Ophiacodon for anti-armor, immunity and high chances of crits.


No one will one shot Draco, the easy win will be for the one who has it in his/her team when the opponent doesn’t… There will be 1800 Impact damage to the creature who comes to the field before it kills it. That’s a lot of damage…

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This is what I’ll start out with.


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The problem with Galli is Draco… like Velo, it’s one shot

These minis arent gonna end though… unless i missed a recent announcement they will run alongside the seasons… since the seasons run back to back I imagine these mini tournaments will run every other weekend…

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Ah, gotcha. I thought they were dumping those and going back to the old style.

Lol… :joy: I knew it was going to be brought up.

Loved the reply, 100% truth.

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Back when we did that survey they mentioned in it they would at some point be running tournaments alongside seasonal pvp…

Im hoping they continue to come up with different structures like the tournaments as they will be a good option to mix things up mid season.

Monolophosaurus and Gallimimus could be potential draco checks (albeit chancey ones)

RNG hell and connection speed. LOL

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I’d like to see a cap on matches per day in a future event and maybe some encouragement to develop dinos held generally rather than just strike team, maybe?


its gonna be more decided by what will be your system-selected 4 team.

and my forever question still alive is:
whats the rule for 4 team selection from my 8? random or made by matchmaker?


It’s always been random as far as I know… they say that all your creatures are considered for matchmaking, even those that aren’t selected