[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Dilophosaurus GEN 2 & Spinosaurus Advantage Tournament (02/28)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Tournament. For more detailed information related to Tournaments, see HERE: Tournament Overview


  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • All
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to default Levels (any)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Enabled



That’s bad having tournaments where you use your real creatures level and enabled bosst that encourage to level up there worst creatures for tournaments

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Not bad. Free entry. And dna needed for the new snake unique. Well Played. I’ll try my hand. any dna i get out of it will be good.


Free entry so I’ll join I suppose. Won’t be tryharding it since I’ve got plenty of both, but free DNA is always nice.


You have to place pretty high in order to get a decent amount of DNA. That’s pretty meh. I can get more DNA for both of them on Sunday than what the top 1000 provides. That’s a little confusing honestly. It’s a common and a rare, so you can give out a bit more, they’re not Event exclusive


Yeah. All i really want out of this is the Spino dna. I don’t live near a L4, so it is hard to come by.

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I used to be like that, until I moved into L4. Now I get them all the time. They could still give out a bit more, they really aren’t giving much if you plan on using it for Spinoconstrictor

Freue entry: good. Everything else is a joke. All that ingredient-DNA for Constrictor without being able to obtain Boa… Amount till Top250 is not convincing aswell. Not for the time needed to Battle atleast.


Amazingly themed tournament. Too bad the rewards are nothing of the sort.

I can’t be arsed joining this one. Good luck to who joins though.

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Hmmm. Something doesn’t match the in game announcement. What are the odds?!? :roll_eyes:


Really the same creatures again you guys could have added uniques but oh well guess I got to get back cautious striking

Well I’ll try my best…

All? This includes uniques then, yes?


No that just means hybrids and non hybrids

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Me: Ok cool, sounds like a good tournament.

Also me after looking at rewards: [Reassess weekend plans] Maybe there’s a new movie out…


For that reward? I’ll pass on this one, I already have plenty of both. Good luck to those that enter.