[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Dilophosaurus GEN 2 & Spinosaurus Advantage Tournament (02/28)

how many tournament trophies you got? Above 100 trophies you are at the border of meeting the top 100 in the tournament?

My question is why they would spend the coins, boosts and DNA to make their Monolometrodon boosted and lvl29

i had a total of may be 100 trophies at that point. ranked in the weeds around 15K.

The top 100 all have like at least 1 arena ready legendary/epic so a Monolometrodon at that lvl would have trouble beating properly boosted Tyrant tier dinos. Procertamimus and IndoR G2 both outspeed it and are immune to Distract. Assuming similar boosting regime.

Yeah. I got nothing for that. Hoping to pull my self up a good bit out of this hole, but it doesn’t look like it. Keep matching with players who have stuff way above my level. Boosts i can deal with, the huge level difference not so much.

Trophy based match making is like that. i feel sorry for those who have lvl 20s and meet my lvl 30 team. Mostly unboosted except 1 maxxed IndoR G2 and DracoRat with 10 boosts from Boost 2.0 reroll when I used him. Essentially fodder for anyone with a faster IndoR G2/Procertamimus or a bulky Phorasaura

This monolometrodon is in the arena also yeah. I’ve faced this and an even bigger one in there. There is a couple of these freak monolomets running around lol.

I guess they are easy to make and lvl. The stats are really not good for a long term battler. No swap in or counter ability

Yeah it never does that great in arena tbh I like seeing them. That is unless your team is out boosted or leveled by it I guess. Than it can cause some damage like magnas relative lol.

Your Indo g2 is tough to beat @Sixty-Four. Was good fight yesterday.

Had a pleasure to meet @Maddox Indom today in tournament too. :grin:


There’s no matchup system in the tourneys besides number of medals. At any point you can face a super strong opponent if he is not too far away from you on the score. And that’s pretty easy to happen, since a lot of players don’t have a whole boosted team for this. Maybe they even have just one or two, so they won’t go too far if those aren’t selected constantly.

they had that and a couple other 27+ dinos. Don’t remember what was boosted. I was down in the 10K and below ranks at that point. No clue how i got matched.

Because he probably had just a few trophies and was on his way up. Many people only start playing the tourney on Sunday

it was what it was. I dug myself out later that day. got up in the 2300 range. I’ll take 300 spino and focus my attention on the next tournament.

I ended up in the top 250, I think it was largely due to my two avatar dinos. Without them I would have been much lower.

What do they mean with default level?

Edit: and is this the tournament behind advertised ingame?

Edit 2: no it isn’t. The first popup linked to nothing and and the one in the screenshot above links to this thread.
Here is there actual thread: [Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Common No Hybrid Advantage Tournament (03/13)

Default level is what your creatures current level is.

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The same tournament for three weeks in a row??? Get more creative please. No one wants to battle with commons for gen 2 dna.

This type of tournament is a complete BS until all the crappy high level Miragaias go up…

When it started almost quit. 2 matches with an insanely boosted opponent. Then i got more reasonable battles with more variety.

Good to know Ludia’s tournament idea wasnt going to affect the tournament enjoyment too much.

Miraigaia is the king

Saw a lv 22 phoro. Thst was interesting.