[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | February 2022

the first cycle really does not take out any of the good creatures. The second one those is what I am really excited for

If I got to be honest I kind of want a unique and legendary tourney to see how its effected by the new restrictions. Also really excited for the new win condition.

If you imagine without dirty exchange dinos like Rinhos or Phorurex or flat out without stunners that are not many in unique but it would be nothing of Rinhos, scorpius, Phorurex, etc haha

I’m not sure how this will affect things in general. All I know is that there will be no freaking epic pidgeons in any of the tournaments this month, so that’s already a BIG WIN!



Argenteryx is still allowed for the first one so…

no hybrids in first one …

oh misread lol

but compy tho…

Easier to deal, Scuto, pelta and brachi can take care of it

Normal dodo won’t be in with dodocevia because dodo isn’t a hybrid

But yay no argenteryx in tourneys for a month😄


Since there are no hybrids, no wildcards eliminates these 5 wildcard creatures.
Epic Tsintaosaurus
Rare Carnotaurus
Rare Nasutoceratops
Rare Deinotherium
Common Tanycolageus.
I am not really sure who would actually use those.

I think the meaningful creatures that are prevented in this tournament are.

Concavenator Fierce Resilient
and maybe
Stegoceras Cunning Fierce

Others not used are in the Fierce Resilient class


I’m just now realizing how op Coelhaast will be in the no-swap tournament :expressionless:. Tarkus is the only creature that can beat it without Coel either winning or running away.


True. Now that you are saying this I am dreading the tourney

Because normally they are no problem but that’s just because of my dio

And I’m not even close to getting tarkus

no argenteryx :dancer: :man_dancing:

speed tie :coffin: :sob:

Hey all!
Based on your requests we’ve added the ineligible creatures lists to the post.


Great improvement to the post! Thank you for listening and making the change.

Shouldn’t scorpios Rex gen 2 be there?

Yes, has been fixed!