[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | February 2022

time to make the most on Skill tournys cuz here i come!

oof, my only 30 is indom. im going to be thriving. sadly it’s my only high level legendary. the rest are 20, lol

The only wild card that people use are nasuto.

no its not. only non hybrids allowed. argenteryx is a hybrid

Yes it is, it’s made up of acharaeopteryx g2 and argentavis

I know. I meant to say that it is a hybrid.

another of ludias boring tourneys. 25 cups down 30 up and so on.
No fun in there.
Ludia is not capable of making interesting tourneys.
They never could.
Cause every player takes the same dinos so system decides who wins.
I win with 3:0 cause I have counter to opponents dinos, than opponent has counters to mine and so on.
The only really interesting left in this game are raids cause they also do nothing against droppers.
So library is now also full of 6000+ droppers.
Got today at 5200 a max boosted arcto as opponent.
But as Ludia is they only change what gives them money :wink:
This game will end for me soon cause it is only boring boring boring

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i tried to play and enjoy and was once again humiliated.

i was winning 2-1 and running to a victory.

then the player just challenged me, picking the same dino i have.

guess what: i lost 3-2 because of an obvious string of speed tie that i’d NEVER win.

and this was not the first time, they purposely pick the same dino forcing a speed challenge maybe knowing they have a chance where they live, something i am never able to do.

disgusting, @Ludia_Developers :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:

good luck with this game and tourney, i”m going play another thing.

Congratulations for another tournament with more than 40 creatures to choose from (just considering the epics) and all I see is the same 8 to 10 creatures… Always… Every single match

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Ludia, next tourney season at least just make one with no flocks

For this cycle, if ‘no swap-in’ abilities are allowed, why rare/epic compy is not there in the ineligible list?

Isn’t ‘Alert the flock’ a swap-in ability at threatened state, as it heals when it swaps in and has low health?

Same with some other flocks like Argentryx, which has swap-in distraction. Please update the ineligible creatures list, with respect to flocks too.

Compy is not a hybrid, the Legendary-epic tournament for next week is hybrid only :smiley:

Ludia prohibits tell us by class not by characteristics yes, if they will be prohibited it would be by cunning class, and that would only remove it completely because the dodos are wild cards

What about both Dracorexes? Aren’t those swap in abilities too?

Oh. I see,
But Argentryx & Sinokotaraptor are hybrids, but they’ve swap-in abilities.

Both of them are on the list

Yes. Argentryx was there.
Sinokotaraptor was added recently.

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No swap in abilities ? Wow.

Gonna use my A team. Let us do our best against those legendaries

need the list updatyed to include all non hybrids liek blue draco compie etc

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Its only hybrid next week @tarot08