[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Grand Opening Tournament (05/31)

With some luck even top 50 is possible with just level 20 dinos.

I normally ignore Tournaments. But it was a very small buy in and many active players have “junk” at lvl 20 for unique ingredients. Ill get top 500 or top 1000. Only played 15 matches. So definitely worth what I paid and the time it took.

I hope the buy in price and rewards are the same next time. Felt like Ludia were giving not taking.

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Have to admit, after I posted that, I started to see how neat Smilodon is. Unforutnately mine is too low levelled to go on my team, though.

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Enjoyed this tournament to be honest sitting in the top 250 stopped now as will probably end up dropping.


Okay, so why does Batman have only 4 creatures on his team in the tourney? :flushed:

Do you see this too or is it my phone acting weird?

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  1. he/she is Batman :smiley:
  2. he/she has only 4 dinos discovered so only 4 dinos to choose from

O wow! Level 10, 4405 trophies, and only 4 creatures discovered :exploding_head: then these must be boosted to the max…

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Yeah it seems to be a strategy and not my phone acting weird. Just found this topic on it haha :laughing:

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I only have 4 dinos u locked only. Not a bug.

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Not boosted to max. Not even close. Can be seen on reddit every boost each dino is.

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He, lol. :heart:

I didn’t think Irri 2 had such potential! :grin: good to know it isn’t the junk some claim it to be :+1:

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I only won the participation prize! I was in the top 1,000!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Rewards aren’t that great even at 71 place. Still lower then before 1.7 when I was coming in no later the. 250 place with 2600 hard cash. Hopefully get better as I’ve actually spent more on the tourney then what I got back haha :laughing:

But super fun. Rather do tourneys then battle in he arena cause it’s TERRIBLE!

Congrats everyone it was fun

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I got the wrong rewards. :confused:
@Ren @Sara

I got the rewards for top 500 when I placed 191.

I thought this tournament will be disastrous for me, but i am fairly satisfied with the result.
Top 250, with average creature level of 18.


I fought with my regular Sorna Marshes team (which is non hybrid due to personal preference, currently level 19-23 with some boosts, all achieved f2p) and I reached top 50. The first 10 or more battles were easy for my team, level 8 creatures, no boosts etc. But then it got harder quickly and it became very hard up there so I pretty much hit the roof at some point. I didn’t even battle that much when I realized it would become impossible to climb much further, I just had to continue battling to stay within the top 50 range. Lots of level 30 creatures, even boosted ones, so I had to have luck encountering the right opponents. Then, appr an hour before the tourney ended, I decided to stop battling at #30 hoping I wouldn’t drop below 50 and I only dropped one spot to #31 so I’m very pleased with the end result. I had some really hard battles up there, strong opponents, it wasn’t easy staying in top 50 (I dropped out of there a couple of times and had to climb back up). So I’m very glad I made it.

I really enjoyed the tournament and I hope they will do more of these non hybrid ones in the future! :blush:


No a big…Brazil

how can we apply not clear to me :frowning:

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