[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | January 2022

Why common!!! Oh well I had bad experience with it

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My first reaction as well

Common only tournament

Yes YES!!!

Common only tournament!!!

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One of the best Tournaments if I have to say,rewards are okay but the tournament rules itself are what’s best.

my first time commun only!


Gorgo as the Christmas gift? No, no, no!!! :face_vomiting:

Apparently, I haven’t been playing nearly as long as most of you because I’m not feeling a common only. I like that they’re changing things up, but I have leveled precisely 0 commons to beyond the required level to fuse better dinos because that would be silly and I would be wasting resources that I could otherwise be spending to get far superior creatures. Right before I picked this game up, I heard that Dracorex was a little OP and he was finding a spot on most teams, but there’s no reason to level up a common really. I need to make sure to go hard in the skill tourney to make up for a presumably terrible outcome in advantage.

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I am super excited for the this. Cannot wait to see what teams everyone comes up with

No stun abilities on last 2 tournaments of the month

Holy cow! A common tournament?!

yea how does that work

also what does one do with 30,000+ of 1 kind of dna
im kinda new to this game so- where does the extra go?

I heard carno is

Awesome! Common tourney

Tourney 3 & 4 of this season, rare + epic no stun abilities, does that mean Dinos with stun ability will somehow have them switched off, or is it Dinos with stunning ability are omitted from taking part ?

The “exclusive” tournament is Gorgo so …

But it’s Ludia so who knows :rofl:

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With the flood of Scorpius component DNA they’ve been handing out lately, I expect a BIG BAD nerf coming to the Scorpius’s. I’ve seen this happen before.