[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | June 2022

Update here: Seasonal + Tournament Server Outage Compensation

Yes. Bery good and very well

Last tournament says just hybrids and the first says all which rexy entered…. Last tournament rexy won’t be allowed is not hybrid

get this
this tournie allows ou to have 2 dinos :stuck_out_tongue: one in the alliance the tryk hit the bird took the dammage he wone and they both did the victory roar

Today was supposed to be SKILLS! The first skills ever for a cash tourney so people like me could have a shot. Why is it suddenly advantage? Also, suddenly M-tops isn’t available. @E.D ?

Y is the last one base level ?

it’s not - it was supposed to be but it’s not…

No i was asking y it is base colection level

No idea lol

They are ripping 375 cash from my hands. I always get 375 cash.

Ludia being ludia again

I was so hoping for a cash skills… so hoping…

Me tooThis text will be blurred

There are loads of us who rely on skills… and prefer it. Ludia needs to take its entire playerbase into account. It’s not fair to tell everyone for an entire month that it will be a skills, then pull the rug from underneath and change it to an advantage with odd limitations. There are several creatures missing. M-Tops for one. Many people have been focusing on unlocking things for this weekend skills, FIPping for struthi etc to unlock fukui, when they could have spend their coin and cash leveling up other things that were realistic. I spend an entire month trying to help people prepare for this in my alliance. Please someone fix this.


@Ned can you inform the team? think its should be skill like the post says

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If it has to be switched to advantage, at least let us use M-tops :rofl:

@Banarel you just slaughtered me :rofl:

reminds me of The Lion King when cub Simba was cornered by the hyenas and Mufasa shows up and roars behind him

Advantage cash tourneys only help the ‘rich’ get richer and screws over everyone else. Cash, Coin, and Skill Token tourneys should ALWAYS be SKILL so everyone has equal chance. Love this game, but I play for these tourneys and if this trend continues, I’m outty.


They only support who gives them a kidney.