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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Jurassic Freeze Tournament (12/27)

Please… PLEASE no more tourneys like these anymore.


the boost cost is 10X higher than the prize of NO. 1…what’s the point?

Finally own level creatures can be used, thank you! Would much rather play in these than the default 26’s speed tie fests.

All of these tournaments are a bad proposition

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Says the one with no level 30 boosted rares?
But if you do, can you actually play in this one?

This better be a joke. Make it a joke.

Whoever is playing in this tournament, can you tell us your rank in it and the average level of opponents? I said I wouldn’t participate, but I’m thinking of doing it for the missions

the prizes are only worth it for 100 people in the entire game. the time spent would really only be worth it for 3 people in the game, and probably not even then.

only game i’ve ever seen where you have to pay to enter special events. then it literally takes 2000 cash for ONE boost on ONE dino. and they think people are going to waste boosts on rares to win 4500 cash or less :rofl: guess they’re content being #400 top grossing app behind apps you’ve never heard of with 10% of the JWA player base :man_shrugging:


As I said on another thread, the value of money varies from person to person.

Some people think it’s worth spending cash and investing a massive chunk of time into a tournament like this.

I however don’t, so I won’t be entering.

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Just another way to try and pump boost sales and profits. Ludia knows people are not applying boosts to Rares (with a couple of exceptions), so what better way to design a tournament? I don’t think people will care about what they win - look at the Arena. It’s just the satisfaction of saying you placed in the top 10.

Top 500 currently(452).

Opponent team average is about 18, not battled anyone with a creature over lvl 20 yet.

Thanks, I got in. I’m around 200 now, but I doubt that will last. Only have my Posto at 21 and Tuo 20, the rest is 15 x)

I don’t plan on playing this one much anyway

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I see no problem with spending $600 real money to win 30 cents worth of prizes…wait, sorry a CHANCE to win 30 cents of prizes lol.

But I also have two way conversations with puppets so, there is that =/ lol


Let me think… uhm… no.

let me ask you people…

only regular rares, right? i BELIEVE high arena (league) players usually have uniques, legendaries, epics and maaaaybe some rares, but always hybrids… as battle creatures.

and they maybe already applied all boosts to their battle creatures.

so my question is:

  • higher lvl players do play such a tournament?

but i can detail more my question:

those players have today regular rares… BOOSTED? or they should apply these boosts just now for using in this thing?

or maybe it’s a tournament to lower arena players, right?

So far I’ve played 12 or so matches, lost one and won all the rest. Top 150 currently. I really wanted to try out my deer and the piggy, but they’re not high enough. Really wish I had some green drops around me, but I don’t have a single one within 10 miles.

I think its a tournament for lower level players and those that over-leveled their rares. I’m not doing bad and none of mine are boosted.

Yes, this tournament is still stupid, but at least it’s more “playable” than I thought. No one is dumb enough to boost rares that they won’t use in their team. And since only a few use them, it’s very unlikely you will meet a lot of monsters there… just the occasional ornito and maybe the raptors.

This event is Garbo. I’m a level 11 player going against level 20 players with level 20-24 level rare creatures that singlehandedly take out my entire team. I spent 40 cash for this? If it’s not equal levels I’m not doing another one of these again

Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention that they all consist of the exact same 4 creatures every time? Erlik gen 2, dracorex, ect