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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Jurassic Freeze Tournament (12/27)

Tournaments are designed to favour different types of players each time. This one is obviously not going to work for lower level players like yourself. Equal level-26 ones are supposed to be for everyone even though in reality they still favour players with fast connection/close proximity to Ludia’s servers, while these open level ones are for higher level players who actually invest in non-META dinos.

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I think I am over performing lol all unboosted

My secret?




Haven’t seen any boosted creatures at all. I guess boosts are too expensive for anyone to choose to put them on rare non hybrids.


well minded… talking about that, Ludia still didn’t tell a word about speed ties suggestions?

They are probably busy trying to monetise the results lol


Even though I’m gonna have some profit I kinda regret entering this crap… Too much effort for a very small reward and little fun…

This should have been called “Jurassic TuoDimeTenoDracoErliko2 Tournament”


The last three games I played this morning, the game finished without either of the players winning, resulting in no trophies on my side anyway. The sad thing is I was winning. Did this happen to anyone else?

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Yes I agree with you. I spent way too much time on this for 10$ and a few coins

It’s annoying to me that just two hours ago I was in the top 500, which is the best I have ever done in any tournament so far, but with a combination of a few losses and a few stragglers joining in now I can’t even get back in the top 500.

An advice… Avoid playing in last hours of a tournament… Try to get to best position you can the day before and just leave it at that… The last hours are hell.

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The only “fun” thing in this tournament was witnessing how players overleveled some creatures in a bizarre way… I’ve faced level 19+ Tricera, Megalo, Irritator, Bary2, Utah, Giraf, Carno…


Omg. 40??? :frowning:

I did pretty good despite not using Draco and Nasu. I had Wuer on my team along with Piggy and Keleken, was fun using them. :3

I needed a break from normal arena with all the super boosted creatures I’m facing now due to the sales.

We have that break every weekend with tournaments… Just want them to be FUN tournaments…

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You’re right. It has been particularly rough this last week though.
I think this one would of been a little more fun with hybrids. Maybe, there would of been a lot of over level/boosted Sucho, Anky, and Eni.

Also, sorry about that friendly. I was hoping to try out the deer and Baja. They didn’t get picked though. :confused:

Yeah I’m testing for the nex tournament, which is only Commons and Rares

Congrat for the winer…

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