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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Jurassic Terror Main Event Tournament (11/01)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Tournament. For more detailed information related to Tournaments, see HERE: Tournament Overview


  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Hybrids
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to default Levels (any)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Enabled



Spooky, very spooky

OOOH. This is gonna be a better tournament. Coin and cash. Very useful.

Good tournament. Won’t compete because I don’t have level 30 epics and boosts to burn, but good tournament.

I totally read it wrong at first. Need to be in the top 20K to get back what you put in. I’ll still enter. This should be a fun one for a while. I’ll take whatever coin i cna manage.

You post here rare, epic, and hybrids. That means all rares, all epics and all hybrids associated with those. You should say rare and epic hybrids only. Greatly reduced the pool to pull from.

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Hey look if you win you can buy a couple boost levels… that’s it…

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Boosts enabled… This is a joke… Basically just gonna be a bunch of regular dinos and then boosted Procera… Who for these tournaments cater to? There’s only so many people with over leveled and boosted rare and epic hybrids…

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A human entry fee (like 10 or 20 dino dollars) so that even those who just started in the game (or are mid level) would feel included was too much to ask, I suppose.


@Ludia_Developers! Not only have I been ignored about my boosts but when I actually showed you your calculations were WRONG

Now your selling 1 tier boosts for 2K HC ? Store have 7K HC of boosts ! Who’s gonna keep up with everyone who can spend 300-500 a month on the game? Each tier costs more boosts and they are linear so shouldn’t boosts be cheaper? More tiers - more boosts - more money made quicker for Ludia.

Yea sure we’re getting more from it but the end game is your greedy greedy GREEDY!

Give me my money back so I can leave this game!
Honestly no joke refund my 2k cash I’ve blown in this game.

What happened to collecting DNA building a team and working hard to get DNA to be the best? Now it’s just spend money and your golden!

Sure you can only tier a L28 dino Lower then a L30 but their L28 maxed tiers is gonna be hard as heck to beat if I can only buy 7 -10 tiers for my L30.

The buying feature shouldn’t be forced to be the best. A player should be able to be the best by skills and yes THERE ARE SOME that are crazy great at battling regardless of boosts I can name a bunch in my alliance and in others !

Ludia made it CLEAR in store “Boosts are here to STAY” $$$

Universal should be ashamed of what you’ve done to represent Jurassic park/world .

Now we know what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs :t_rex: !! Ludia the comet of Death!!


Winner gets 5 tiers of boost. Woo…

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I definitely not entering geez. To have a boosted tournament is ok, but to try to get us buy your reddiculous boost sale and have a boost tournament, no way!

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Eh. Can’t afford to level up random dinos, so I guess I’m out.

It’s probably just going to be an Indom2 / Yoshi battle anyway.

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Ludia! If you are running out of theme ideas, try a new theme where you restrict the number of each rarity used on a team! Don’t repeat over over and over, people will soon get tired.


Here’s an idea: a same-level tournament with Uniques allowed!! Basically like a Friendly! Half a year has gone by and we still haven’t had this basic rule in a tournament!


The problem with these tournaments with so many restrictions is that we’re basically hoping our only boosted high level creature gets selected… maybe 2 or 3 creatures… I doubt that there many players out there, if any, with a full team of high level boosted hybrid rares and epics… or even half a team… So if that boosted Procera 25-30 gets selected you can basically solo a team. If not, well too bad… Once again it’s just a complete battle of luck really…

I’m in this one just to win a few matches and camp untill Monday… top 10k is enough


And I hope we never see that lol. Go battle in arena or do friendlies. I don’t want tournaments to be same boring battles I have in arena. Also the fact that not everybody has uniques, most people have rares, epics and even legendaries. They are focusing too much on catering to top players already.

It would not be the same as the arena. Same level, unboosted. That’s the ultimate tournament of skill. Maybe you wouldn’t like it but I guarantee you many players would, and certainly it would make WAY more success than this crappy restricted boosted ones.

It doesn’t matter if it’s same level and unboosted, it’s the same stupid uniques and same stupid teams that’s boring. That’s not skill, that’s you using what you always use. These tournaments we currently have make you think what will work. I think every tournament should be same level and unboosted. It would be more successful, because less people could enter? You sure?

I used to think the reason they seemed not wanting to let us have it, is because they have their own tactic to keep this game fresh as possible, probably more monetary fruits along the way.
However that’s also in question, why bother it if you can design every new monster with each update and allure players to work on.

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