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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Legendary Skill Tournament (01/10)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Tournament. For more detailed information related to Tournaments, see HERE: Tournament Overview


  • Creatures
    • Legendary
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (26)
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled



Yay. Time to try out a few more legendary dinos that i don’t have a team strength yet.
Edit: Oh wait. 80 HC entry fee? Uh no.


So, Monostego, Indo g2, Phorusaura, Mammotherium tournament. :grin:

This will be fun. :rofl::joy:


Ouch at that entry fee.

I’ll have to think on it. Maybe if I can unlock Mammotherium in time, I’ll give it a shot. Otherwise, it probably won’t be worth my time…

With an entry fee of 80 DinoBux it’s a net loss for 95% of players who enter.

Btw why does there even need to be an entry fee?


Top 5000 isn’t a hard feat for way more than 95% of the player base.


I have Mammotherium but for some reason I don’t think it’s good against the other legendaries, or atleast the ones that everyone will use…

I’m planning on doing another sim article for this one again so I guess we’ll find out soon! I for one think Mammotherium is going to be amazing.


her nemesis, alloraptor, may be the only way to keep her in check. Indo 2 may have some trouble against it.

I’ll have to pull the counters and include them in the article like I did with the Mammoth in the epic tournament a while back. But Alloraptor is not actually a good counter just briefly looking at the stats. It loses 85% of the time in a head to head match up…

In fact, in this tournament there are only 4 counters that have at least a 75% win rate.

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I didn’t realize that. I guess my math was wrong.

For those rewards the entry fee is more worth it than in many previous tournaments. I’ll be there.


I’m excited for this one.

starting to look like the only thing they are good at is making tournaments that’s are not worth entering

Okay so Ludia this has nothing to do with the tournament, its about alliance rewards. My alliance Spinosaurus Mmm Noodle Soup are starting to get tired of the same rewards they have been the same for what a month now. They haven’t been changed and it is starting to get to us . We don’t need the DNA, we don’t need to waste our time on useless rewards. Now if anyone else has something different than sure be against me but im pretty tons of people are tired of the crap alliance rewards.


Like all other tournaments, I avoid it like the plague. Have enough stress in arena in general.

Sorry but theres not gunna be 95% players who didnt make top 5000 and made 170 back. Only if you joined and didnt battle then yes you have a 95% loss.

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I would appreciate it if you do a sim article for every tourny that’s level locked. I was so lost last week with some of the commons doing better than the rares. Too many choices

I loved last weeks tournament, not only because a lot of new creatures were featured also because all players even the ones just starting had a fair chance of actually gaining more than they paid. Ones like this should be kept separately, to humor the higher levelled players. At least give the lower levelled players a tournament a week as well