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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Lesser Hybrid Skill Tournament (08/02)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Tournament. For more detailed information related to Tournaments, see here: Tournament Overview


  • Creatures
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Hybrids only
  • Level
    • All creatures are set to Tournament Level (Lvl 26).
  • Stat Boosts
    • Disabled.



Why? A severe limitation of possible dinos to use. Huge speed tie problems coupled by non-skilled “who is closest to server problem”

No thanks. Looking forward to your tournaments where we actually can use our dinos we spent hours and hours of evolving and hunting. Non of this balance hippy dippy BS participation trophy tournament.


The tournaments should rotate between even levelled and actual level/with boosts. One time we have even level then the next time will be actual level and so on.

The even level ones are great so everyone has a chance to win but we should be able to use our actual dinosaurs we worked hard for more often in the tournaments. Especially since I think the rewards for each are backwards. The small weekend tournaments should give DNA and coins as a reward and the seasonal tournament should give the cash reward.


100 HC? pass.


Nah I’ll leave it this time

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(yeah that didnt work. Lol ) You do know you have a chance to use those dinos everyday in the arenas right?

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You do know that every day we have a chance to use all the dinos we have built in the arenas right?

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For what though? Some coins and pyro DNA? I want to use dinosaurs I worked hard to level and boost to win a worthwhile prize like :money_with_wings:

The even level tournaments are just about endurance and luck (I still think they are fun and should still be included but less often)



  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Hybrids only

Is this more poor writing or am I just constantly confused with how they write these?

Is it rare, epic, rare hybrids and epic hybrids.

Or is it rare and epic hybrids only?

Why can the people that write these not write them in simple terms.

let me show you:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Rare Hybrids
  • Epic Hybrids

See, simple.


Not looking forward to it… but I guess I’ll participate, since even at top 5k there’s profit and we gotta keep buying those stupid boosts…


You can argue that you can accomplish the same thing by doing friendlies, so why don’t you do that instead.
Again, we have worked hard for getting our dinos to where they are, and we can’t even utilize them properly because of these horrendous tournaments. The PVP season is a joke at best. No incentive to PVP other than incubators for the day, season rewards are pretty useless, and a lot of us want to utilize non-unique dinos in open-level tournaments.


Nice at last tournament without flying rats. :smiley:

Suchotator’s time to shine again

Isn’t this a repeat tournament? Pretty sure we had this one back in May


I think that these Skill Tournaments are an amazing addition. I love them.

They do in fact require skill and knowledge of dinos, rather than just throwing out Thors and DCs and seeing who has more boosts on those dinos.

They allow for a more restricted dino pool to force people off of all of the meta dinos. SO sorry that you can’t choose the dinos you always use (not).

I can appreciate the idea of wanting to use the dinos you put hard work into, but at the same time, I love that being a level 12 with an average team level of 16, I can get 1200 HC just by wanting to play and by being good at it. If what some are proposing, that we use dinos we leveled, happens then it won’t matter how much I like to play or how good I am, it will boil down to who has either played or paid the longest. That 1200 HC can help my growth versus the 150/200 I would get using my own dinos.

As a side note though, I would be more than willing to play with my own dinos if boosts were disabled for the tournament. I just see a lot of unfortunate things in the regular arena regarding boosts, and the last tournament that had evenly matched teams no matter who you went up against really made me happy and I actually enjoyed PvP again. I can honestly say that the last tournament was the most fun I had in PvP on this game in a while.

Thank you for reading this wall.

P.S.: I think it sounds like the gripe y’all should have is with the season rewards, not that there hasn’t been a tournament where you can use your leveled dinos. If I were in the higher ranks, I would be salty about bad rewards too. Make another post about it and try to do something about it rather than try to make another area where boosted and leveled dinos are supreme. You already have the arena, rally and speak up to get Ludia to change it. I know its easier said than done, but it’s better to try and resolve a problem than to take the easy route and make another. Sorry if any of this came off as rude. :slight_smile:


The problem with these tournaments is as follows.

  1. It’s purely down to connection speed when 2 identical dinos are matched.
  2. Pretty much EVERY match will have at least one of these speed based ties.
  3. It’s called SKILL based, and when you look at my first two points you’ll see it has nothing to do with skill at all.
  4. The matchmaking points awarded and taken away makes absolutely no sense at all.
    So all in all a pointless exercise, and why we can’t have genuine skill based tournaments using the dinos we have built up and earned over the time we’ve been on here is anyone’s guess.
    The month long supposed tournament where no one knows the actual strength and trophy count of ones opponent has absolute rubbish prizes for anyone who’s been playing for more than a few months.

Oh yeah and I hope they fix the ridiculous trophy system. Should be an even 30 gained or lost for an even level tournament or else it becomes unfair by penalizing those who move up.


I like even level tournaments. More about thoughts and tactics than boosts and level.

But until they can separate arena team, friendly team and tournament team page, I won’t participate. Too much hassles.

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I’m actually excited for this.

Its always fun when I can put Anky back on my team. :3

I would much rather not deal with boosted teams that people “worked” for and love the more even playing field.


Well put.

Your last paragraph was spot on. “Worked for”.

This evens the playing field for everybody. And let’s us use dinos we normally wouldn’t use in the arena.

No boost or coin investments needed…

The P2W whales, Tapjoy fanatics, and the ultra hardcore’s already have their boosted tournaments multiple times in a quarter of a year.

People spoofing using coordinate chat’s to snipe out wanted dinos are at a major advantage in boosted tournaments.

That’s not hard work.

Just tedious and shady.

We already have the pleasure of enjoying the boosted gameplay in the arena, so let’s keep tournaments at even levels. Boost free.

When people spend hours a week on Tapjoy games, alongside heavy duty debit card usage, tournaments becomes unplayable for many of the honest, hardworking players.

Not to mention, just an toxic experience for the hardworking F2P player, that should also be accommodated.

I thought the hardworking players saw boosts as a P2W money grab from Ludia, not as tokens of hard work.

Ludia should make every tournament boost free, and leveled fixed to 26, IMO.