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[Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | LU Hybrid Skilled Tournament (11/08)

There were a lot of complaints about that when it happened. Basically rarity doesn’t mean squat anymore… We have many epics better than legendaries and legendaries better than uniques… but yeah, in this case it is worse cause we’re comparing two Indos…

Yeah pretty ridiculous. I replaced my lvl 26 Indoraptor with lvl 16 Indo Gen II for tournament and won every match when I had it.

1:1, Indo Gen II will always kill Indo Gen I.

I wish they‘d swap stats and abilities or nerf cautious strike (or don‘t make it a basic move).

I know that Indo Gen II is hard to fuse but it‘s a legendary. I still think that the rarest creatures (uniques) should also be the strongest.

Random as team for the win

@Ludia_Developers: Some suggestions on how to make a tournament interesting:

a) consolation prize MUST be greater than, or equal to, the entry fee: in this way, everyone, even those having just 8 eligible dinos in their whole roster are willing to give it a spin. It’s called INCLUSIVITY, and it’s rather fashion these days
b) once you publish some info, these info MUST NOT CHANGE: you keep changing rewards, entry fees, rules and so on. It’s flippin’ pathetic
c) you should learn the meaning of GRADIENT: rewards should be smoothed from the topmost position to the very bottom of the rank. Saying “top 1K gains this” is just a bunch of BS. Why? Glad you asked. Because not everyone has the time to spend the last 3 hours of a tournament constantly battling: due to the different time zones, some of us might be at their job; some might be sleeping at night; some might have other things to do in that exact moment because you know, real life. And if you DON’T play to death in the last hours of a torunament, you lose positions. Which is fine. But it’s not fine if the difference is from scoring a positive reward to scoring a negative one (25 conso prize vs 100 to participate means you lose a net 75)

Stop crapping on our heads, stop pretending everything’s so beautiful: we’re not so stupid, and long-time players have seen enough.

So, it’s another hard pass for me. Which I’m not happy of, having an almost complete collection of dinos, this one could have been fun.


For me this tournament was worth the entry fee for the opportunity to try out all the legendaries and uniques that I don’t normally run with against different opponents to the ones I normally face - any prize at the end is a bonus.


Love your enthusiasm, man.

Cheers! Some creatures take some getting used to - I’m really getting to grips with Indo G2 and Orion now. Hovering around the top 250 so should get some reward at the end.

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Translated from Chinese

The deceptive game is very nice to say.
In fact, it is a game that makes the stronger stronger and weaker weaker. The gold coin cash is taken away by the strong. What can the weak get?
I haven’t won 3 games since the beginning, and I’ve won more than 3 games and lost 3 games.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

I agree; the deceptive game is nice to say!

‘Skilled Tournament’ let me help you correct that; it’s the ‘spam indoraptor gen 2 with no skill whatsoever because basically nothing beats it head on lol and if it does drop just win with dracorat’ Tournament. I admit that’s probably a bit too long of a title though


Couldn’t even get past 1k, either huge lag, or I get to watch a replay, or I get ratted over and over. Even when I do predict a rat will be swapped in, it either gets away, or if it doesn’t and dies, it just gets backed up by a Tryko or Indo G2.

Congrats to all winners, but those out of 1K rank … I am laughing as I was expecting this and didn’t want to spend 100 HC to gain 25 back; then on top lose a lot, frustration and didn’t have enough time to battle whole weekend. :slight_smile: